Easter Book Telling The Story Of Jesus’ Death And Resurrection To Kids

Meet Kala. Like many children her age, she’s curious. When a stranger shows up to her Easter party unannounced, her quest for knowledge leads to the discovery that there’s more to Easter than chocolate.

Kala In The Bunny & The Cross is the first book in a trilogy exploring who Jesus is. The book, to be released early March, is a gentle introduction to the real meaning of Easter. The second book, out early October, sheds light on why born again Christinas do not celebrate Halloween. In the final book, on sale early December, Kala hears an eye witness account of what really took place that night in Bethlehem and what it means for all children today.

Kala In … An illustrated children’s series introducing young minds to Jesus My name is Silvano and I have a passion for creatively spreading the good news of Jesus. Over the years, God has blessed me with the opportunity to reach thousands of adults through my Christian based plays, films and writings. Now I’m bringing the message of who Jesus is to children in an exciting and accessible way.

I would love to enlist the support of churches across the UK in getting this book in front of children. I’m especially targeting Black churches, where children can see a child that represents them. The book will also be available in Spanish and French.

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