New Lent Devotional Set To Re-ignite Christian Confidence

Today, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) is launching a new 40-daydevotional journey for Lent, designed to help Christians build confidence to boldly live out their faith in daily life. With multiple reports[1] showing more Christians lacking courage in sharing their faith, this new resource aims to rebuild that confidence and help Christians live with kingdom impact where they are.  

After the recent census data pointed to a significant drop in the number of people who would call themselves Christian, it’s clear that ‘faith on autopilot’ is no longer a viable option. Christians are now a minority in UK culture, making it harder to confidently live for Jesus. Plus, in 2022, a report called ‘Talking Jesus’ found that 46 per cent of Christians feel they don’t know someone well enough to invite them to church. This suggests a lack of confidence among Christians to build deep, meaningful relationships which can lead to people encountering Jesus for the first time – either through their actions or their words.

Ken Benjamin, Director of Church Relationships at LICC, says, ‘On a Sunday morning, when we’re surrounded by other Christians, it’s easy to feel full of confidence in our faith. But we can often struggle to maintain that confidence in our Monday to Saturday lives. This can make changing the world with Jesus a challenge, especially when the vast majority of Christians don’t feel equipped to live out their faith in daily life, during the 95 per cent of their time they spend away from church. This journey will help them grow confidence specifically for that huge proportion of their lives.’

The Confidence Devotional Journey helps Christians reflect on six key ways to grow in deep faith-confidence, through being convinced, community, compassion, consistency, and competence. Each morning throughout Lent, or for 40 days from a chosen start date, readers will receive a reflection and prayer via YouVersion or email. The resource also includes sermon outlines and small group resources for church leaders, so the whole church can go on the journey together.

Ken continues, ‘It’s essential that Christians have access to resources that will help us grow a kind confidence in our faith, as we strive to embody the gospel day-to-day in an increasingly apathetic society. Sunday should not be the end of the story, and the Confidence Devotional helps Christians to live fruitfully and faithfully for Jesus where God has placed them – at work, at home, in the pub or sports club – anywhere.

‘We encourage participants to take time to reflect with those in their church family, dig deeper through the accompanying small group studies and sermon series, and support one another in keeping up with the devotional journey, so they can boldly join in God’s work right where they are.’  

To receive the Confidence Devotional Journey search ‘LICC Confidence’ on YouVersion, or sign up for emails via their website at

Written by: Priscilla Obilana 

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