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Health and fitness coach, Olivia Williams, gives tips on how loving yourself can improve your health, increase your strength and build your fitness

Roses are red, violets aren’t blue, but did you know that God loves you? Yes, that’s right! Woman, you are loved by the One who created you. Called to be a helper (Genesis 2:18) but, let’s face it, it can feel like you’re everyone’s helper except your own. God said: “Love others as yourself” (Mark 12:31). The trouble is… you put others first and neglect your own health and fitness. 

The consequences can be many — including fluctuating weight, sagging skin and reduced energy levels. It can even leave your immune system less able to fight infection and disease, which is not part of His divine plan for you!

For some women, it can feel like they are just not getting any fitter. Despite visiting the gym, going walking and running after children, they simply feel they are not making any progress. They just don’t feel they have the time to fit any healthy habits into their day and even feel they are “going backwards”.

Poor health is the inevitable price of such choices. However, the good news is Jesus has already paid the price for you to ‘have an abundant life’ (John 10:10). Remember, the Bible said: ‘You are God’s temple’ (1 Corinthians 3:16). 

Time to Love Yourself 

The time has come for you to look after yourself, rather than berating yourself. This will ensure you stay looking and feeling good for years to come.  

If you feel you have wandered off track; felt changes in your hormones, or even felt demotivated, stop feeling guilty! Instead, use these 15 tips to love yourself, stay on track and keep motivated: 

  1. Slow down or simply take a ‘pause’. Find a bathroom, close the door, take an extended ‘toilet break’ and talk to God. He is no respecter of where you speak with Him! 
  2. Reassess your priorities to learn why you’re not sticking to a health and fitness routine. Mix up your routine — both the timing and the type of exercises you do.
  3. Consider your priorities and your vision for your health, then formulate a plan. 
  4. Increase the exercise intensity during the ovulation phase of your cycle; it will help reduce the pain. 
  5. Be wise during your menstruation phase. Don’t attempt to work out as intensely as you would usually, as your iron levels will be low. 
  6. A long walk can really help improve your blood circulation. 
  7. Drink water. It assists the cooling system from hot flushes, aids digestion, removes toxins, keeps joints subtle and gives you firmer, fresher skin. 
  8. Drink an organic cup of fennel seeds, rosemary, mint, turmeric, ginger or agnus castus to ease digestion issues and period pain. 
  9. Reduce your sugar intake at least 14 days before your cycle. Sugar causes spikes in your blood levels and raises food cravings, so swap it for wholegrain foods, instead, to keep your energy levels, mood and hormones happy. 
  10. Increase your intake of magnesium-rich, green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and fish. These will help with your mood, cramps, headaches and other PMS symptoms.
  11. Avoid crash diets as they will wreak havoc with your hormones and blood sugar levels.
  12. Watch your salt intake, as that may cause water retention and swelling in the body. It may be a sign your adrenal glands aren’t functioning as they should. Try replacing salt with healthier flavour enhancers, such as lemon, lime and fresh herbs.
  13. Maintain a good posture. Years of bad habits may have led to weak back muscles. Core exercises, resistance bands and stretching help with this.
  14. Strength exercises are key! These will help you maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your bones and tighten up the muscles under loose skin, so your body appears firmer. Need help? Do these simple exercises right now, using this FREE guide at:
  15. Incorporate Udo’s Oil in your diet; it consists of a blend of omega 3-6-9 oils. I have used this for two decades and have found it reduces inflammation; boosts metabolic function; promotes joint health; and gives me radiant skin. For a 20% discount, head over to and enter this discount code at the checkout: 20%ScriptFit

Are you ready for change? 

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Olivia is founder of ScriptFit, a qualified health and fitness coach, personal trainer, health and well-being educator, weight loss and exercise specialist, nutritionist and public speaker.

Written by: Olivia Williams

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