Christians Respond To CofE Decision To Bless Same-sex Relationships

The Christian community has responded to the Church of England’s recent announcement during its General Synod to support proposals by the House of Bishops to ‘bless’ same-sex unions.

The decision goes against the views of much of the worldwide Anglican Communion — and the Church in general — regarding same-sex relationships.

The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, a worldwide fellowship of orthodox Anglican Provinces and Dioceses within the Anglican Communion, issued a statement saying:

The Church cannot ‘bless’, in God’s Name, the union of same-sex partnered individuals, much less sexual relationships between same-sex persons which in God’s Word He declares to be sinful.

They added: 

The historical Church, which spawned the global Communion, and which for centuries was accorded ‘first among equals’ status, has now triggered a widespread loss of confidence in her leadership of the Communion.

The Evangelical Alliance, a representative body for evangelical Christians here in Britain, published an open letter on its website, written by its General Director Gavin Calver, stating it disagreed with the Church’s decision.  He wrote that, like many of his fellow Christians, he was “saddened, pained and a little shocked” at the CofE’s proposal to bless same-sex unions.  

He called on the Christian community to pray, writing: “Please join me in praying for the Church of England and all the members of Synod.”   

He continued:

I am especially praying for courage and conviction for those involved, that the Church of England would reaffirm its long-held commitment to marriage as a faithful, committed relationship between one man and one woman, and not undermine its teaching on discipleship and sexual ethics for all of us.

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