NCLF Calls On Church To Support Relief Efforts

National church organisation, the NCLF (National Church Leaders Forum), has called on the Black Christian community to support the people of Turkey and Syria, following the devastating earthquakes in February that have to date caused the death of over 31,000 people. According to the World Health Organization, around 26 million people across both countries may be affected.

In a letter sent to church leaders and lay members, the NCLF has asked Christians to support relief efforts by either making personal donations; encouraging congregations to donate; or by donating through recognised agencies, like Action Aid, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Tearfund or UNICEF.

Many Turkish and Syrian community groups have been inundated with donations of clothing and items, such as blankets and toiletries, and have encouraged individuals and groups interested in giving support to donate financially through the recognised agencies.

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