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One of the premier artists within the UK’s Christian scene, CalledOut Music, has released his brand-new song, ‘Worst Days’. The stirring single celebrates the comfort and assurance that comes from knowing God is by your side throughout your journey, regardless of how many times you stumble (‘How high / How wide / How deep / Is Your love…’)

Reminiscing on how this track came to be, CalledOut Music says: “‘Worst Days’ is a song I wrote when I got home at the end of a really bad day. Inspired by Ephesians 3:17-18, I found comfort in writing my heart out to God. There are days where it feels like I’m not doing all I should be doing in my walk with Him.” 

It’s a relatable message for many of us. As he was creating the song, CalledOut Music realised how deeply and broadly ‘Worst Days’ could resonate: “As believers we may not have it all figured out; we will have imperfect days that make us question everything. This track is for the believer who feels condemned or unworthy. I hope this reminds us to lean into God’s abundant love and live from that place. We couldn’t earn His love because we already have it. All we need to do is bask in that love and LIVE!”

After touring the US and Europe, CalledOut Music is now gearing up for his hotly anticipated headline show at the Dominion Centre, London, on March 4, 2023, which promises to be an unmissable occasion. 

Attendees will be looking forward to hearing him dust off an array of tracks from his rapidly growing catalogue, including the sinuous, up-tempo ‘I Am Free’ and the addictively euphoric ‘Joy’. Fans will also be hoping CalledOut Music performs songs from his latest studio album, My Beautiful Reality, which featured high-profile appearances from Guvna B, Samm Henshaw and more.  

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Arguably, the art of creating a great worship song boils down to the balance between conveying a powerful, striking message, while at the same time weaving this into an irresistible sonic fabric. 

Often the emphasis can skew too far in one direction or the other. With the latest release from rising UK Gospel star, Ché Sampson, the marriage of message and sound is as harmonious as ever.

‘Peace Be With You’ is the latest single from Ché Sampson’s debut album, Break Of Day, which was released last month. The R&B-infused track features Fiona Yorke and Louise Richards, both of whom help to build the euphonious, layered textures that Ché Sampson is quickly becoming known for. 

“I want listeners to know that, if you have Christ in your life, your struggles won’t be removed, but having Him there makes it all a bit easier. You have the peace of God in your heart,” Ché explains.

‘Peace Be With You’ was crafted by Ché Sampson alongside album producer, Marcus Johnson, who has worked with the likes of Kim Burrell and Lurine Cato. Johnson has produced all the tracks on Ché’s new album, as well as genre veteran, Mark Beswick, who has penned a host of iconic gospel songs.

Aesthetically, the serene yet upbeat ‘Peace Be With You’ navigates new terrain to that of Ché Sampson’s other recent singles, such as the stripped-back ‘Believe’ and the comparatively choral ‘Perfect Peace’‘Peace Be With You’ leans into Ché Sampson’s contemporary, soulful R&B influences without ever straying from the inspiring sense of faith that underpins the song.

Despite Ché Sampon’s new album being her full-length debut, she has already become a familiar face for UK Gospel fans. Her distinctive vocals were sought after as back-up vocals for Eternal, Des’ree and (the late) Noel McKoy. Once her solo career started gaining momentum after the release of New Every Morning in 2013, Ché committed to an artistic approach that is becoming an increasingly rare commodity in today’s mile-a-minute world: patience. Now she has unleashed her first ever album into the world, one that has ‘Peace Be With You’ at its heart.


The brand-new single by Eric Reverence, ‘Follow You’, is a deeply heartfelt declaration of true worship, written by a popular worship leader.

‘Follow You’ offers a clear and uncomplicated medium through which listeners can connect with God by celebrating His grace, faithfulness and mercy, along with the fact that He never leaves our side, no matter how great the challenges we face may be. 

The song centres around one of Eric Reverence’s favourite Bible passages: ‘I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me’ (Psalm 16:8 NLT). 

Eric states:

With everything I have been through in life, all the pain and struggles, God has always been there for me and never forsaken me, so how could I not follow Him? For anyone listening to this song, I want you to know that it is such a joy to follow God because He will never let you down, and you will live a life of peace and fulfilment.

‘Follow You’ is out now and available on all digital platforms.


Collistar’s latest song, ‘Life Goes On’, shares the pain in the mundane. This mellow UK garage track intricately examines the past, present and future worries of a young man in London. The West London prodigy recently teamed up with Hydration Records to reach out to UK listeners with a welcome offering: a timely, reassuring anthem in an age of confusion for many.

Collistar continues to establish himself as the primary social commentator of Christian hip-hop. He first rose to prominence during the grime revival of 2019. Witty, ironic and quintessentially British, his music dissects the cultural heart of the UK. With an increasing number of plays on BBC Radio 1Xtra, his recent album, G.N.T.G, was awarded Album of the Year by MRXCY Music. 

After deleting his debut project, Welcome to Britain, which had accumulated millions of plays, Collistar’s debut single ‘1952’ reintroduced the artist as a Christian rapper. With a balance of old fans and new, there is an alluring sense of mystery surrounding Collistar’s musical direction. Will there be a Welcome to Britain 2, and will he live up to the potential he first showcased back in 2019? 

If ‘Life Goes On’ is anything to go by, Collistar’s prospects certainly seem bright.

‘Life Goes On’ is available on all digital platforms.


Just like her love for Christ, Coco Dupree can’t be contained or confined. Having made her name as a widely acclaimed professional dancer and back-up singer, Dupree continues to expand her artistic expression of faith. 

Back in 2011, Dupree announced herself on the Christian R&B stage with an eclectic and genre-blending range of singles, such as her high-profile Triple O collaborations, ‘Real Talk’, and ‘Take It Away’

The South-East Londoner then chose to dedicate her skillset towards building a successful dance career, while still satisfying her musical impulses through a variety of illustrious back-up singing credits. 

For instance, Coco Dupree was asked to offer her vocals on songs by numerous big-name artists, from Wretch 32 to Pixie Lott. Now, though, it’s time for Dupree to step into her own spotlight. 

Almost exactly a decade after she released her debut single, Coco Dupree dropped her faith-filled, R&B-inspired song, ‘Done It’, in 2021. It’s an introspective, beat-driven anthem that highlights Dupree’s dexterous, serpentine vocals. The track finds the UK artist reflecting on the innumerable ways in which Christ has offered her much-needed guidance and respite from her struggles. 

Off the back of the single, Coco Dupree has returned to the studio and is currently perfecting her upcoming project. The album will incorporate a range of stylistic influences and will venture into exciting new sonic terrain.

But amidst all the experimentation and musical shape-shifting that Coco Dupree is becoming synonymous with, at the heart of the record there will be the same unwavering, unflinching commitment to Christ that has continually formed the bedrock of Dupree’s creative endeavours.


Visions: Uplift, Inspire & Engage Ltd, the company run by Gospel Shout editors, Andrew and Shireen Morrison, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 

Andrew reflects:

“While it is difficult to narrow down the highlights of the past ten years, some that stand out are the Visions-hosted press conference with a number of MBE honourees, as well as becoming Press for the Stellar Awards and interviewing artists such as Kirk Franklin and Travis Greene.”

During the pandemic, Visions hosted Worship Together, an online event in partnership with Aspire, which showcased UK and US artists, to an audience of five thousand. They also delivered a livestreaming platform for churches to offer comfort to those self-isolating. 

In 2021, in recognition of its growth and innovation during such a challenging period, Visions TV Online was crowned Lloyds Bank Small Business of the Year. 

Two years on from the accolade, Andrew and Shireen have no plans to slow down. Their plans include the TMMP Awards (The Music and Media Platform Awards), which will be making its return in September!” 

Written by: Andrew and Shireen Morrison

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