J.John Relaunches Just10 series

J.John is relaunching his just10 series to churches, small groups and individuals this May.

The just10 series, first launched at the start of the millennium, is a ten-session series to explain the Ten Commandments and their relevance today. With live audiences in excess of 1 million people, J.John believes that these principles are as relevant today as they have ever been.

J.John said:

I am delighted to be relaunching just10 for a time such as this. With this series now into its third decade, we have been astonished to see how God has used these ten talks as a “spiritual MOT” for Christians and non-Christians alike. We are thankful to God for each person who has repented, made restitution, restored a broken relationship, been renewed and re-envisioned during the series and our prayer is that this new set of resources will inspire many thousands of people to re-align their lives with God’s timeless principles.

During the series J.John will look at topics including ‘How to Find True Contentment’ (You Shall Not Covet), ‘How to Prosper with a Clear Conscience’ (You Shall Not Steal), and ‘How to Prevent Burnout’ (Remember God’s Day of Rest). J.John ends the series by challenging listeners to put God first in their lives.

In addition to releasing his full-length talks for churches and small groups to use free-of-charge, J.John will also be releasing just10: Conversation Starter, 10–15-minute highlight episodes purposefully designed to inspire conversation.

J.John said:

just10: Conversation Starter is an opportunity for us to come together, maybe over a meal or a coffee, to discuss each of these ten principles and to encourage one another in our own journeys of faith.

Accompanying these free video resources, J.John’s book just10: God’s Timeless Values for Life Today will be republished and will be available to order from 11th April. This book will help readers go deeper into the topics covered in each of the ten just10 talks.

Full information about just10 can be found at just10.org.

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