Vessels United Give ‘All Power’ to God on Infectious New Single: A family Group

All Power Belongs To You

‘All Power’, the latest offering from Vessels United, once again showcases the versatility and dynamism of the Manchester-based family group. While they often venture into R&B-influenced territory, ‘All Power’ finds them exploring a more Afrobeats-inspired sound. 

The product is an infectious, dancefloor-filling anthem, which doubles-down on the captivating meeting-point between scriptural sensitivity and a radio-friendly, ultra-accessible sound. 

As is tradition for Vessels United, ‘All Power’ is a family affair. Lucky, a worship leader at Manchester’s World Harvest Christian Centre, penned the uptempo track last year as an invigorating message to all those feeling down and discouraged. Ofure, Lucky’s daughter, takes the lead for the second verse, and in doing so introduces a spellbinding ethereality and subtlety to the track. 

Lucky’s wife and son, Busola and David, also serve as rousing additions to ‘All Power’, highlighting the dexterity that is facilitated by the unique collaboration of the Vessels United family.

Lucky underlines that, although he is grateful for all that God has done for him and the blessings that continue to enter his life, he has also experienced his fair share of turmoil and difficulties. It is from this place that he wrote ‘All Power’, and he hopes it can act as a welcome reminder of God’s unfailing love to those who are in the midst of a testing situation.

He explains,

It’s easy to tell people that God will always come through for you. However, the real challenge is holding onto that belief when you yourself are faced with trouble, and that’s why I think it’s so helpful to have these little reminders that keep us close to God, and that constantly renew our faith in Him.

It is with this principle in mind that Lucky crafts Vessels United’s songs. He keeps one eye on remaining loyal to exactly what is written in the Bible, and one eye on making the music as relatable and easy-to-access as possible. 

“We never want to build an empty euphoria by saying that everything is fine and that God’s children never experience tough moments. We want to celebrate God’s incredible blessings, but we also want to offer words of spiritual encouragement and nourishment for those who are struggling”.

‘All Power’ captures this twofold mission of Vessels United, and represents another key marker-post in the family group’s continued ascent within the world of Gospel and faith-based music. 

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