Spreading the Gospel through Fashion

Want to spread the Gospel but you’re a little shy?

Consider buying an item from the Kingdom Come (KC) clothing range, where faith meets fashion.

Corey Ross initially launched KC in the noughties and relaunched it in 2021. His aim is to grow the Kingdom of God and spread the gospel message in a creative, innovative and fun way, utilising fashion.

Corey shared that he has had numerous conversations that have been inspired by one of his T-shirts which says ‘Jesus Said’ on the front and ‘He’ll Be Back’ on the back.  He recalled: “Kingdom Come Clothing really does spark discussion. Some years ago, I was taking photos at a concert with pop star, Kelis. When she came off stage, she saw me wearing my Jesus Said T-shirt and said “I need that shirt.”  I went to Arsenal Football club to get the letters printed on a T-shirt specially for her, and ddelivered it to her hotel. She wasn’t there but a month later I got a message from Kelis saying ‘Thank you for my shirt’.

He added:

Whenever I wear that T-shirt I get people coming up to me all the time asking: ‘What did Jesus say?’ Kingdom Come Clothing can really help believers evangelise through what they wear.

The Kingdom Come Clothing range comprises casual wear and includes T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, hats and jackets.

Corey said:

People of all ages can wear Kingdom Come Clothing and get the message out there.  Some Christians are afraid to speak about their faith, but wearing this clothing helps people get the gospel message out in a way people can relate to.

Visit www.kingdomcome.store 

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