Young Emerging Leaders Making a Difference

Akosua DF brings to the fore three young leaders whose ministries are impacting the Church

The Black Church in the UK has a rich heritage of Spirit-filled leaders, passionate to see revival break out in the land. The last few years have seen the ‘fathers and mothers’ of the faith begin to pour into the next generation of audacious, fiery young leaders. Despite the media’s assertion of a decline in professing Christians, the UK Church is still very much alive and strong, as evidenced by the number of emerging new voices.

Twenty-one-year-old Evangelist Tyrone Junior (ETJ) is one of the youngest emerging new voices in the UK. With a burden to recalibrate the heart of a generation and steer them towards the Lord, the young evangelist birthed the ‘Wildfire Movement’ during the pandemic in 2020. 

“In a dream, I heard the Lord whisper: ‘Let it spread like wildfire’,” Tyrone said. Sharing about his journey of faith, Tyrone explained: “I was born into a Christian family; my parents are ordained pastors. From as young as five I loved praying and yearned to be a preacher. During my secondary school days, I veered into the world and started drinking, smoking and clubbing. In 2017 I had a Damascus Road experience at an all-night service and was radically transformed. I left that meeting, and immediately exited WhatsApp chat groups, and deleted songs and apps from my phone.” A graduate of RIG School and CFAN Evangelical Bootcamp, Tyrone has been featured on GOD TV and has shared platforms with the likes of Rev Betty King, Pastor Agu Irukwu, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Pastor Mike White.

Akosua DF (ADF): God is stirring the Church in this season. What do you believe is required for us to steward this ‘moment’ well?

Evangelist Tyrone Junior (ETJ): I believe the most important way of stewarding this moment is to ensure we don’t become familiar with what God is doing. I think the reason a lot of moves have ended is because we get to a place where we get familiar with the presence and the glory. Familiarity will kill that which we are drawing from God. We must remain thirsty and hungry, and become satisfied with hunger. We cannot stop pursuing Him… We need to stay restless, stay hungry.  The Bible says: ‘The hour cometh but the time is now’ (John 4:23). I believe it is hunger that can pull something that is coming into the now. 

Another way of stewarding the moment is to let go of anything that seeks to take preeminence over God. We must be willing to sacrifice and pay the price to keep the momentum of the move till the coming of Jesus Christ. I’m reminded of Jesus’ first miracle. He said His time had not yet come, but a demand was placed on Him, and we saw Him turn water into wine. I think the three keys to sustaining the move of God are: (i) remaining hungry; (ii) being willing to sacrifice and pay the price for the glory; and (iii) placing a continual demand on God for an outpouring of His presence. 

A plethora of ministries and ministers came to the fore during the pandemic, and one name we grew to love was Dr Oscar Guobadia PhD ThD ThM MDiv MBA MA BA. Armed with the ability to successfully combine theological scholarship and practical leadership training with unparalleled prophetic insights, Dr Oscar is not only one of the UK’s most decorated Apostolic-Prophetic theologians but also a respected exegete. With a mandate to educate the Church, empower the chosen, and equip the called, God led Dr Guobadia to birth The Brook Place, an apostolic-prophetic hub which is founded on 1 Kings 17:2-4: “…. And it will be that you shall drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.” 

Rev Dr Garrick Wilson’s story mirrors that of King David; a story of faithful service and commitment to honing one’s gift in obscurity. Charged with leading the emerging multi-ethnic and multi-generational NTCG Covenant ChurchReading in 2022, Rev Dr Garrick is committed to building and discipling people. Speaking about his surrender to the pastoral call upon his life Rev Dr Garrick said: “I have a career, I’m good at my job. This was not on the agenda but thank God for leadership with foresight.” A scientist by profession, Rev Dr Garrick is also the director of BUiLD, a mentoring initiative for young men which provides them with access to educational and professional opportunities. They also learn key life skills and discipleship models to advance a purpose-driven lifestyle.

Written by: Akosua DF

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