The Man With the Golden Voice

Jason Nicholson-Porter has one of the finest voices in UK Gospel. He’s a worship leader who has sung in churches and key events across the nation. He spoke to Keep The Faith about appearing on talent competition, The Voice, the inspiration behind his music, and his hopes for the future. 

KEEP THE FAITH (KTF): You are considered to be one of the leading voices in UK Gospel. How do you feel about having such an accolade?
 Honestly, I’m truly honoured to be deemed as one of the leading voices in UK Gospel, and I thank God because it shows that hard work pays off and motivates me continue to strive for excellence, as God is an excellent God.

KTF: You have been singing since your teenage years. What inspired you to pursue a ministry singing gospel?
JNP: Firstly, God called me, I heard the call and responded. Because of that I was sent on an assignment to effect change — no matter how big or small — for the UK gospel scene.
Secondly, I love gospel music. I really, really love it! It has truly inspired me to use it as a tool to spread the Gospel.

KTF: You have a lot of milestones under your belt, including appearing on leading talent show, The Voice, in 2018. What was your experience on the show, and how did your appearance help your ministry?
JNP: My experience on The Voice was truly wonderful! It was so much fun. I went on the show as a gospel act with the intention to be different and share the Gospel with people who don’t necessarily listen to gospel music. Unfortunately, my journey ended at the quarter final stage, but it seemed as if I left a good impression on everyone, and as a result of that I got more bookings.

KTF: What have been the key musical milestones in your growing ministry? 
I have a number of milestones that uplift me when I think about them. For example, writing, producing and releasing Send Your Fire and touring across South Africa with it.

I toured the country singing a duet with Rebecca Ferguson, who was a runner up on X Factor. Singing on The Voice in 2018 as a gospel act, and being part of the Foreign Praise Collective — working with the likes of Marcia Walder-Thomas, Orv Thomas, Monique Shockness, Carol Bertogal, Roger Samuels, Paul Bruce, and its visionaries, Sam Facey and Dave Prince.

Lastly, doing my first-ever live recording on January 14, 2023.

KTF: You have written a number of songs, including Send Your Power. How do you feel whenever you hear congregations singing your songs?
JNP: When I hear the congregations singing the songs God gave, it’s such a fulfilling feeling. It’s like I’m fulfilling purpose and it’s so amazing to see how people connect with the message; it’s so uplifting.

KTF: What Christian/gospel artists currently inspire you?
 Too many, lol, but just to name a few: Kim Burrell, Miranda Curtis, Tasha Cobbs, Le’Andria Johnson, Rich Tolbert Jr, Todd Galberth, Eddie James, Todd Dulaney, Jonathan McReynolds, Tim Bowman Jr, Noel Robinson, CalledOut Music, Emmanuel Smith–Tali, Clive Brown & Urban Sound, Volney Morgan & New Ye, Becca Folkes, Annatoria, Isaiah Raymond & Co, Lurine Cato and Marcia Walder-Thomas.

And many, many more, as their individualism, expression of worship and skill inspire me to be excellent in what I do.

KTF: What is your ultimate ambition where your music ministry is concerned?
JNP: To complete and finish 14 more albums in at least eight years from now. If possible, I would be so honoured and privileged if my music and this ministry God has given me helped to transition UK Gospel from a scene into a fully-fledged industry. I’d also like to do stadium and arena tours for UK Gospel, and to see that my music brings all the UK gospel artists and ministers together to take this ministry global.

KTF: What should we expect from you in the next few months
JNP: My first major project — a single called Smile, Child, Smile, and my album.

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