NCLF Launches A Revised Manifesto Calling on Government and Black Church Leaders

NCLF launches a revised Manifesto calling on Government and Black Church Leaders to be more Active in Policy Development, 

20 May 2023, Christ Church Tabernacle

The National Church Leaders Forum  (NCLF) are calling on both the Government and Black Church Leaders across the country to be more active in policy developments.

The NCLF will be launching their revised Manifesto on May 20 at Church Church Tabernacle, Woolwich at 1pm and are demanding the government engages the Black churches in its developments of all policies, recognising the vital role Black Church Leaders play in the community and their potential to help shape policies that can create a better future for all.

“We believe that the church have a unique perspective on issues that affect their communities” says, Chair of NCLF,  Ade Omooba MBE “They are on the front lines of many of these issues, whether those are related to crime, education, health or the economy as they affect the Black communities.”  

The manifesto highlights a number of areas where the government and Black Church Leaders can work together to address many of the pressing issues facing the communities, including crime prevention, education, healthcare and poverty reduction.

“The church plays a leading role within the communities and given our insights and experiences, we can help to shape policies that can make a real difference in people’s lives”, continues Revd. Celia Collins.

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