1,000 Audio Bible Players Given Away and Another 1,000 Have Just Arrived!

Life-changing Audio Bibles for people with sight loss

At the end of 2021, Torch took a leap of faith and ordered 1,000 Pathway audio Bible players containing the New Testament and Psalms read by David Suchet. Knowing the power of Scripture to change lives, they planned to give these Bibles for free to anyone in the UK losing their sight. 16 months later, all of these Bible players have been sent out and the stories coming back are so amazing that Torch has ordered 1,000 more.

Gayle-Ann told us “It is my friend…with me wherever, it is just so convenient and I have read the New Testament many times but the way this is read brings across the characters it is just easily understood”.  Kenneth came across Torch by chance at a Sight Village open day, he wasn’t sure when he first heard about the Pathway as he wouldn’t have called himself a Christian and hasn’t enjoyed audio books in the past but he told us ‘I like listening to the Pathway…I’m really listening to the New Testament now…not just odd verses…I’m realising what it all means.’

For many people, losing their sight is confusing and life altering with one of the biggest losses being the ability to read. For those who have regularly read the Bible, this can feel like being cut off from their greatest source of encouragement, strength and comfort. Imagine the joy of so many in receiving a simple to use Pathway audio Bible when they can once again connect with Scripture.

Losing sight can be a time of real questioning and searching, so what better gift can they receive than the Word of God?

Torch is encouraging anyone who knows someone who is living with sight loss, to get them to contact Torch and receive a free audio Bible at www.torchtrust.org/pathway or by calling 01858 438260.

Most of the first 1,000 players were sponsored by individuals, churches or trusts. Torch is also seeking people to donate £20 to cover the cost of sending out one of the new audio Bibles.

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