National Church Leaders Forum Issues a Rallying Cry to All Faith Groups

Leaders and members of the UK Black African and Caribbean churches gathered at Christ Faith Tabernacle in Woolwich on Saturday 20 May for the launch of the second National Church Leaders Forum’s (NCLF) ‘Black Church Political Mobilisation – A Manifesto for Action’ document and app.

The event garnered widespread attention, with cross-party political representatives, community activists, and the general public in attendance.

Attendees to the event were treated to captivating performances by the award-winning gospel artists Evans & Purist as well as renowned British gospel writer/singer Noel Robinson.

Presenters also passionately emphasized the pivotal role of Church communities in assuming leadership and becoming more politically engaged.

Revd Celia Appeagyei-Collins, Founder & CEO of Rehoboth Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to have brought together such incredible talent for the launch of our political manifesto. This event not only serves as a celebration of our shared values and vision but also as an opportunity to inspire and encourage the community to unite towards a brighter future.”

Comprising 11 Key Topics, namely, Church & Community, Criminal Justice, Economic Development, Environment, Family, Health & Wellbeing, Information & Communications Technology, International Aid & Development, Media/Music/Arts & Culture,  Political Mobilisation, Youth & Education – the manifesto highlights 52 key recommendations for action.

Many critical issues faced by minority communities are addressed in the document.  Speaking in support of the Manifesto, contributor Dr Floyd Millen, says,

Politically, the world, and the UK specifically, is in a heightened state of awareness on issues like deaths in police custody, cost of living, Covid-19, school meals, the environment and so much more.  In all these, there is a need for Black Churches to come together and to be involved in the formation, the development and the mobilisation of responses to social policy.

This manifesto serves as a compelling rallying cry to communities, churches and politicians to join forces with NCLF in their pursuit of a better tomorrow for the Black communities of the UK. 

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  • 20th June 2023 at 4:34 am

    I like listening to motivational sermons, especially from Pastor Keion Henderson one of my favorite black tv pastors of pastor from houston. He has a good character and is a good speaker too. I hope more people find him and be motivated by his preachings.


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