Synergy Network Calling On Churches To Stand Together This Summer To Keep Young People Safe

This year, the ‘Standing Together Sunday’ initiative, takes place on 16 July 2023, just before the summer holidays.  The SN is encouraging churches and para church organisations to use that Sunday to unite in prayer and lament, and to stand against the increasing levels of Serious Youth Violence.

The Synergy Network (SN) is calling on churches up and down the country to stand and act and open their doors during the summer school break to provide safe spaces, projects and activities to engage young people.

Statistics reveal that incidences of SYV increase over the school holidays, which means that rather than being a time of fun and rest, it can be a season of fear and peril.

Speaking at the launch of its ‘Standing Together Sunday’ campaign, SN Chair, Bishop Lenford Rowe, said:

Many of our young people face various dangers at a time of year that should really about rest and relaxation with family and friends. We are calling on all church leaders, pastors and priests, congregations and communities to open their buildings, mobilise volunteers so that our young people are engaged in youth provision in the safety of the church and not left at risk

The SN has produced a range of resources to mark ‘Standing Together Sunday’ to support churches to pray, reflect and take action, in practical ways, to enable young people stay safe, parents less anxious and community safety made possible. While churches are encouraged to use Sunday 16 July to focus their attentions on SYV, church leaders are welcome to use alternative Sundays in the year to also do this.

Bishop Rowe adds:

The most important issue is that churches engage in this life-saving activity. We hope ‘Standing Together Sunday’ will inspire an increasingly passionate response of love and practical action from the church towards the young people and families whose lives are devastated by the realities of youth violence.

For more information about Standing Together Sunday, and to obtain its resources, see the Synergy Network website.

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