Key Pentecostal Church Pastor Releases Book About Her Life, Ministry And Personal Challenges 

Ade D’Almeida, a pastor at one of Britain’s foremost black majority churches and key church administrator within the Christian community, has released her latest book ‘Dying to Shine – Understanding the Process Of Sacrifice’. 

This powerful memoir chronicles her journey of overcoming adversity and finding hope in the darkest of times. It is also an insightful discourse for those aspiring to rise up the ranks in their careers and or ministry.

Ade is pastor at KICC – a church that made history in 1998 when they officially opened their 4000-seater church in Hackney, east London, it was the largest church to open in Britain for over 100 years.  At that time in her life journey, Ade had given up her job as an HR professional at a leading retail store Debenhams, as well as her training consultancy firm to serve as the Church Administrator for Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and work full-time in the ministry. 

She shared,

That seems so long ago now. However 34 years on I am still at the church serving as a Director of Administration as well as a Pastor.  I remember the early pioneering years of KICC’s ministry – the excitement, the impact that was made in the wider church culture worldwide, the fun and the hard work working alongside visionary leader Pastor Matthew. I chronicle that time in Dying to Shine to give people a behind the scenes insight on what it means to serve with purpose the vision of a church as well as understand the sacrifices one makes to uphold it.

Ade has dedicated her life to helping people live a life of fulfilment and impact and showing them how to build resilience when they experience life challenges. 

Ade is a second-generation British Nigerian Christian woman.  Like many of her peers she was fostered to a white family during her childhood years, and she recalls being sexually abused by her foster mother’s son. She also talks about the difficulty she experienced reconnecting with her mother when her time being fostered ended, and how, after the initial challenge they built an enduring bond until her passing in 2022.

In Dying to Shine, Ade recounts her unwillingness to attend a church to now where she is not only a Christian, but also serves as a pastor and mentor.  She shared, ‘I became a Christian at 28. I never expected my life to take the path it has, but I’m grateful for the many experiences I’ve had, the good, the bad and ugly.  They’ve made me what I am today.”

Ade not only shares her journey of faith, education, and life experiences that have shaped and helped her achieve a fulfilling life, she talks about the leading men and women of faith she has met through ministry, her struggle to find a partner (she got married at 43 and had a child at 44) and her newfound mission to share her wisdom through mentorship and coaching programmes.

The inspirational message of In Dying to Shine will help readers find their purpose and identity by shedding limiting beliefs and embracing life’s journey with vigour. 

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