UK Climate Finance U-turn Would Be “Shameful Betrayal” Says Christian Aid

Responding to the reports that the UK Government is not going to meet its climate finance pledge, Sophie Powell, Christian Aid’s Chief of UK Advocacy, said:

“This is a desperately short-sighted and shameful betrayal of those facing the worst impacts of the climate crisis.  Breaking our long-held promises and tearing up years of agreed climate diplomacy are the actions of a reckless Government.

“Climate finance is not a handout, but a debt we owe to vulnerable countries for the damage we have caused through burning fossil fuels.  It is not aid and should never have come from the aid budget in the first place.

“A UK government that wants to be taken seriously by global South countries, which is essential to keeping global climate talks on track, will need to rebuild the country’s climate credibility by mobilising additional public finance to meet our international climate obligations, whilst accelerating the journey to net zero at home. Taxing polluters would be the best place to start.”

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