Former Gospel Writer Launches GoFundMe Campaign

During the noughties, James Freeman — aka El Niño — ran one of the most well-known and popular UK gospel websites,, and managed some gospel artists, most notably Four Kornerz.

When he shut down the site he moved to Ecuador, where he now resides with his wife, Lezil.

However, due to a serious health condition, James needs to return to Britain to receive treatment for an unknown medical condition that has left him unable to eat solid food, losing weight, and in a constant state of anxiety. He has also had to give up work.

To finance his trip, and with encouragement from friends, James launched a GoFundMe campaign. Money raised will be used to fund private medical care, so he can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment to cure his condition, and travel and living costs whilst in the UK. So far, he has received £8,193 in donations; the target is £14,000.

James has not had a proper meal since October 4, 2021, after choking on some food and being unable to breathe for a few seconds. He recalled: “I thought I had just swallowed too fast. So, I continued eating and it happened again. That’s when I knew something wasn’t right.”

James went to see a doctor the next day. Although doctors didn’t see anything unusual, apart from an inflamed upper throat, they gave him some anti-inflammatory medication. When he tried to eat the same thing happened.

He has had an operation for a condition called ‘Eagle Syndrome’ after being told it would enable him to eat solid food again. That hasn’t happened, hence his decision to come to Britain.

It’s his faith in God and the support of friends around the world that has kept James going.  He believes doctors in Britain have the answer so he can be healed.

You can click to donate.

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