New Survey Finds Over 50% of UK Adults Aged 40-60 Are Afraid of Getting Older

A YouGov study, commissioned by elderly care charity Pilgrims’ Friend Society, this year has revealed that 54% of UK adults aged between 40 and 60 are afraid of later life. Almost half of those surveyed are also worried about burdening their families as they grow older, with 40% worrying about becoming lonely. 

Pilgrims’ Friend Society provides residential care homes and independent living housing schemes, where older people can live fulfilled lives in their later years. The survey findings support the charity’s recently launched ‘Getting Real about Getting Older’ (GRGO) campaign.

The campaign includes a series of four short films with older people offering their advice on everything from facing physical limitations to moving home. From their experience, it is never too early to think about all aspects of later life.

Preparation is key, according to the survey: 92% of 40–60 year olds think financial preparation is important; 85% think physical preparation is important; and 78% think that emotional, mental and spiritual preparation are important.

Experts say that mid-life is the time to start preparing for later life so, alongside the films, the charity has put together a resource, the Mid-life MOT, to help people in mid-life take control of their future. The MOT encourages readers to ask some essential questions, such as “Who am I and what changes would I like to make?” to get them thinking about what they want later life to look like. 

Both the resource and the films are available on the ‘Getting Real About Getting Older’ webpage:

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