The Ministry Preparing Women For The World Stage

Pastor Yvonne Brooks talks to Keep The Faith about Esther’s Academy, her unique women’s ministry programme

Women’s ministries play a vital role within the Church by teaching Christian principles and providing practical guidance to women on all areas of life.

One ministry that is succeeding in this is Esther’s Academy (EA), whose slogan is ‘Preparing Women for the World Stage’.

EA was started as an evening session in 2005 by Pastor Yvonne Brooks, a leader at New Jerusalem Community Church, Birmingham, and Keep The Faith columnist. It was then turned into a seven-week programme and relaunched in 2008.

This unique ministry recently held their annual graduation ceremony. Over 130 people were present to see the female graduates of the programme celebrate their achievements and receive their Certificates of Completion.

Pastor Yvonne, who is also leader of a ministry called ‘Women of Purpose’, shared her reasons for starting EA:

I specialise in women’s ministry. As women came to me, I would pray and ask God what He wanted me to do.

He answered me clearly, stating that He wanted a school of refinement for His ladies. Eventually our mission evolved into ‘Preparing Women for the World Stage’.

The EA course takes women through a seven-week journey, where they learn insights on their relationship with God; how they view themselves; and their approach to money, work, business, styling, personal care, and much more.

Pastor Yvonne shared:

Women are taught about God’s identity, love and faithfulness, and their identity and place in Him. They also learn about their calling and purpose, and the need for wholeness, vision and goal setting. They also learn the importance of poise, grace, etiquette, dressing to impress, and personal care, which includes looking after their hair and skin, the importance of exercise and more. EA gives ladies the opportunity of a transformed life filled with purpose and direction.

Course teachers include Karl George MBE, Karen Allen, Jeanette Young, Samantha Gardner, Marcia Levine and Leah Salmon — all experts in their field of endeavour.

From talking to Pastor Yvonne, it’s evident that the EA course is making impact. Over 2,000 women have gone through the programme, which is taught in the UK, Zimbabwe, South Africa, the US and Jamaica. There are also plans to take it to other countries.

Pastor Yvonne is looking to develop EA further. “We hope to relaunch our one-day conferences — ‘Esther’s Extras’ — to focus on specific topics. And next year we plan to run our ‘Next Steps’ conference. I also want to encourage the ladies to take part in missions trips to other parts of the world, and get involved in specific identified projects. As always, EA graduates have the opportunity to travel with me when I attend graduations in other countries.”

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