The Pastor Leading Prayer For Revival Across The Nations

With over three decades of ministry under her belt, Rev Dr Betty King is one of the UK’s most revered female ministers. She is pastor of Truthvine Church Wembley, and a leader who is prayerful, prophetic and philanthropic. Rev King hosts The Cry, a programme that is broadcast on GOD TV where she interviews Christians who are making an impact. In January 2023 Rev Betty launched ‘The Cry’ — an event where delegates from across the globe gathered at Wembley Arena. Akosua DF spoke to Rev King about her life, faith, ministry and desire to see revival break out throughout the nations.

Akosua DF (ADF): If you were asked, “Who is Rev Dr Betty King?” what would your response be?
Rev Dr Betty King (RDBK): I’m a mother; my greatest joy are my children. I’m a grandmother and a great-grandmother. These are the first people I would present to the Lord. I’m passionate about the things I believe in, and I am very loyal and focused.

ADF: You’ve been in ministry for quite a few decades. Can you talk a little about your journey with God and what inspired you to plant a church five years ago?RDBK: It was shocking. I was a broken person and, after two suicide attempts, God intervened and saved me. I fell in love with the Person of the Holy Spirit and began standing in the gap and interceding for others. Fortunately, my pastor recognised my gift and empowered me to intercede for the church, which I did faithfully. I then “graduated” to cleaning, which was a joy. I remember when he gave me the church keys, I treated it like home. One day he asked me to speak at a church conference and then at an evening service. I just saw it as serving in the church, but I started to receive prophetic words about my ministry. I believed the words and started going through the process that pertained to the promise, so I began choosing my alignments wisely — Esther had a Mordecai and David had a Samuel. I started a Tuesday prayer meeting focused on praying for the nations and the body of Christ, and noticed that people would attend and not want to leave. God aligned me with great ministries, we started growing and the church, Truthvine Church, was birthed.

ADF: You said you were leading intercession and “graduated” to being a cleaner. Most people would see that as a demotion rather than a graduation. Can you expound?
RDBK: Oh, my goodness that’s the biggest revelationRead 1 Samuel. The guy was in the church just taking care of business. I thought that cleaning the church was a training ground for me. I was given the keys to the church and personally saw that as an act of trust.

ADF: You are passionate about praying for the nation and have dedicated your Tuesday prayer meetings to that. Could you share on the importance of us being gatekeepers for our nations?
RDBK: It’s very important. Psalm 65:4 says, “Blessed is the man the Lord chooses and causes to approach You, that he may dwell in Your courts. We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, of Your holy temple.” A lot of people go to prayer meetings to pray for their needs but, as a gatekeeper, you must know what you are watching for. The local church will meet personal prayer needs but when we gather to intercede, the focus should be the nations.

ADF: It’s obvious there is a spiritual wakening in this nation. What do you think God is up to?
RDBK: I believe that the spirit of conviction is falling on Great Britain. He is purging the church. People are talking about revival, but I believe that we are in revival. People are repenting and crying for change. I believe that Europe is poised for a move of God, and we are going to see people leave the streets and go into the church. This is why we need to contend for places of prayer. Sadly, the enemy is also making sure there are no real authentic mangers where the supernatural can be birthed. God is after birthing places — not organisations and structures that He no longer lives in.

ADF: In line with your heart for revival, God led you to birth ‘The Cry’ – based on Isaiah 58:1. What is the vision behind ‘The Cry’?
RDBK: When you read the Bible, you see the word ‘cry’ — the children of Israel cried out; the woman cried out; “Son of David, save me!” That’s a cry. A cry is desperation from within the soul when you really want things to change. The Holy Spirit pulled me aside one day and said: “Cry out and spare not. Cry out for a generation to know their identity in Christ.”

ADF: In 2024 you are going to the Royal Albert Hall for ‘The Cry’. What can we expect from next year’s event?
RDBK: It’s going to be a very simple yet prophetic Harp & Bowl gathering, with a few worship leaders and people leading us in prayer to cry out on behalf of the land.

ADF: Many may not know that you are a fashion designer. You design all your outfits and have a clothing line called Label Fifty-Three. Can you tell us about it?RDBK: It started when I couldn’t find the right clothes to wear. One day, I heard the Holy Spirit say: “Why don’t you design your own?” I started drawing designs and the rest is history. The designs have been out for about seven years and are stocked in the major stores. They buy the designs and rebrand them for sale.

ADF: Wow, seven years! That means you move discreetly and make major moves in silence. Let’s move on to your media work. I recently stumbled upon ‘Truthvine Stories’ on YouTube and actually thought it was a TV mini-series. I’d love you to touch on the importance of media in propagating the Gospel in this dispensation and share about how you entered the world of media.
RDBK: It’s very important in this time because the media often dictate how we think and act. I wasn’t trained in media, however in 2002 the Holy Spirit asked me to do a show called ‘Talk God’. At the time I was at Ealing Christian Centre and approached the pastor to ask for a studio. He allowed me to use his front room. I trashed his whole house and converted it into a studio [laughs]! I invited a lady from GOD TV to produce the show, but nothing came of it for about two years. I invested my life savings into the show, yet no one wanted it. Two years later I sent the videos to Revelation TV and got a call from the owners. God had asked them to give me a free show on their network: ‘Talk God with Betty King’. Years later God granted me favour with GOD TV, then BBC1 for ‘The Big Questions’.

ADF: I think ambidextrous would be a great word to describe you [laughs]! I’m curious to know what’s next for Rev Dr Betty King.
RDBK: To continue to be an intercessor. It’s from the place of intercession and intimacy that God gives His dreams. I want to keep praying and I know that God will put His desires in my heart.

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