Denomination Founded By Windrush Generation To Commemorate Its 70th Anniversary With Four Day Celebration 

The New Testament Church of God UK (NTCG UK), the largest black Pentecostal denomination started by the Windrush Generation, are getting ready for their national convention, where they will celebrate their 70th-anniversary anniversary of sharing the gospel and serving communities in Britain.

This historic milestone will be commemorated at their Annual Convention, taking place at the International Convention Centre, Newport, Wales from 24-27 August, 2023. Alongside worship services there’ll also be a Gala Awards Luncheon and a Celebration Concert.

Bishop Claion Grandison, the current National Overseer of NTCG stated, “We are excited about hosting a great National Convention and having members and friends of NTCG from across the UK join us to honour the church’s rich history, celebrate its diverse community, and look forward to an even brighter future. Delegates will hear the powerful stories of people whose lives have been transformed by NTCG, and experience joyful worship. It will be an event to remember.”

Guest speakers at the 70th national convention include Bishop Sean Teal and Rev. Jennifer Porter-Cox from the USA and award winning gospel artist, Bishop Jason Nelson who’s the guest psalmist.

Founded in 1953, NTCG UK can trace its roots to the remarkable journey of the Windrush Generation, who emigrated from the Caribbean to the UK, seeking a better life and opportunities.

A sizeable number of those migrants were members of NTCG in the Caribbean and brought their faith, their love for a worship and deep sense of community with them.

Whilst living in the UK, they were shocked by the indigenous population’s seemingly lukewarm faith and the cold and unfriendly welcome they received when attending British church services. Several migrants have stories to share of being told to join ‘more suitable congregations’ by British church leaders.

Due to the poor reception they received at indigenous churches, a group of men came together and held the first NTCG UK meeting at the YMCA Wolverhampton. Little did they realise that event heralded the start of a church movement that would have branches across the UK and provide a spiritual home for Britain’s black community and beyond.

NTCG now has 130+ congregations across the country, that offer a range of community services, pastoral care, and support for the communities in which they are based.

During the past seven decades, NTCG UK has flourished under the guidance of seven visionary leaders, known as National Overseers. The first National Overseer was Jamaican born minister Rev Dr Oliver Lyeseight, who was part of the group who organised the first ever NTCG meeting in Wolverhampton. The seventh and current National leader is Claion B. Grandison, who took on the role in September 2022.

He said, ‘I am honoured to be leading NTCG UK at this current time in its history. It’s my aim to equip and appoint young men and women in positions of church leadership, encourage churches to be beacons of hope in their communities and to build on NTCG UK’s rich heritage. I’m hoping that people across the country will join us in our celebrations.

He added, “And in this, NTCG’s 70th year, I aim to further galvanise our members to be advocates for social justice, equality, and show compassion for all the light in this world that God has called us to be.”

Written by: Marcia Dixon

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