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Hot on the heels of The Bunny &The Cross, Silvano Griffith-Francis is gearing up for the release of the second installment in her 3-part children’s book series during Black History Month. 

Join Kala again in, The Hallelujah Pumpkin. It’s Halloween and Kala is excited about dressing up and going Trick or Treating. While deciding whose Halloween party to attend, she hears about a Hallelujah party and is curious to find out more. Then Kala meets a mysterious character and hears a story about an amazing transformation that piques her interest even more.

Silvano Griffith-Francis

Conscious of the growing popularity of Halloween in the UK and the concerns of Christian parents regarding its influence, Silvano tackles this issue in a thoughtful and engaging way. The Hallelujah Pumpkin, a character created by the author to put a different spin on the highly recognised season, introduces young minds to Jesus and His work of transformation in our lives.

The Hallelujah Pumpkin is set to captivate young hearts and minds. This timely book follows Silvano’s successful debut children’s illustrated book, The Bunny & The Cross, which creatively explains Easter to children. The book, released in March 2023 was inspired by her stage production of the same name, which visited
churches during Easter 2022. 

Silvano’s Kala in… series of books aims to inspire curiosity in children and help them discover the profound impact Jesus can have on their young lives. Based around a little black girl, the series is predominately aimed at children of Afro-Caribbean heritage who aren’t accustomed to seeing themselves depicted as the main character in stories.

In addition to acting and speaking, Silvano is also a versatile writer, author, and writing coach. She initially embarked on her writing journey as a playwright and screenwriter, and later expanded her repertoire to include books in 2022. With a dedication to creatively depicting the Gospel, Silvano strives to captivate audiences of all ages. 

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