Bridging the Gap: Leadership Development in the Church

The role of pastors and Christian leaders in the church can be very demanding. However, the training and preparation before taking up such positions are not clearly defined, and, in most cases, it can be quite subjective. There is a lot of emphasis on spirituality with limited input on leadership preparation and development. In some cases, strategies for leading and developing people, teams and managing relations with other stakeholders are often not addressed. As a result, the sector is easily accessible by individuals who may have the calling but lack effective leadership skills based on biblical principles. For some, leadership in the church is often influenced by their national culture, which may be based on excessive use and abuse of power and authority. All of these are contrary to biblical principles of leadership and can eventually defeat the mandate to “equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church.” (Ephesians 4:12)

The role of leaders in organisations cannot be underestimated. Leadership is the secret weapon that contributes to performance in all organisations, irrespective of the sectors. The impact and influence of leaders are predicated on their level of awareness, growth and development. Specific attributes and qualities are required for effective leadership. For pastors and leaders of faith-based organisations, the expectations and demands are much higher depending on the context and environment in which they lead and their desire to make a positive impact. It also depends on whether the leader adopts a positional mindset, ignores opportunities for growth and development, or seeks to apply biblical principles on leadership while also adding value to the Body of Christ and their followers. 

This book provides detailed insight into Christian leadership with evidence drawn from the Scriptures and numerous pieces of literature by secular and Christian writers. It serves as a valuable resource, exploring the unique challenges and opportunities that arise within faith-based organisations. It also offers practical strategies for developing effective leadership within the church. 

Although targeted at both nascent and experienced leaders who aim to enhance their leadership capabilities, congregants and followers will also benefit as it provides a frame of reference to discern God’s heart on how His people should be led. Apart from the wide range of issues relating to leadership that the book addresses, it provides an opportunity to:

  • Discover heart-searching, biblical and secular leadership principles.
  • Create and add value to the church.
  • Leave a legacy as an authentic servant leader.
  • Followers will be able to identify subtle power, authority and spiritual abuse.

About the Author

Dr Mary Otiotio is a certified leadership trainer, coach, and DISC behavioural assessment consultant with the Maxwell Leadership Team. She is also a leadership and management lecturer. Dr Otiotio has worked with professionals from diverse backgrounds both in public and private sectors. She is passionate about personal growth and development, leadership and management issues because of the direct impact on performance, productivity and the overall attainment of organisational goals. 

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