In Your Presence’ Is The Divinely Inspiring New Album From Gospel Artist Joseph and The Kohanim

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Release Date: 28th July 2023

Following on from the success of his 2020 single ‘I Have A Dream,’ Joseph and the Kohanim is back three years later with his remarkable debut album entitled ‘In Your Presence,’ – an album that began as an intimate journey within the heart and mind of Joseph himself. He describes crafting each song as a ‘voyage,’ whereby melodies and choruses reverberated through Joseph’s thoughts before finding their final versions. ‘In Your Presence,’ spans international borders with Nigerian and South African artists joining forces on tracks like “Beautiful, Wonderful” and “Dance Like David,” where Fega Micheal’s spirited rap in Nigerian-Pidgin English added a certain dynamic flair. Additionally, featured artist Tee Mogano, who was once a backing vocal for Israel Houghton, lent his powerful lead vocals to “I’ll Be There,” bringing his South African timbres into the rich soundscape. On the same track and on ‘Woke,’ Joseph was backed by an international chorus with united efforts from the UK – Joseph and his church members braving cold venues to harmonize for that true choir sound. Across the Atlantic, Sharonda Griffin’s ethereal backing vocals came from Detroit, Michigan, to add an extra, transcendent layer. Joseph drew on his divine and faithful inspiration for tracks “Walking On Water” and “Lord I Need You,” which emerged in the weeks leading to the album’s release, fueled by a relentless desire to share his positive message. With mixing
and mastering in both Ghana and Detroit, ‘In Your Presence’ beckons listeners to embark on a transcendent journey, guided by the passionate and heartfelt expressions of Joseph and the Kohanim – a global testament to the power of Gospel music.

Joseph and the Kohanim is a multifaceted musician, songwriter and creative force who has been enthralled by music since his childhood. It was back in the early 90s that he first started making music, inspired by the dulcet tones of artists such as the Clark Sisters, John P Kee, Fela Kuti, Gyedu Blay Ambolley and Earth Wind and Fire. His musical career was put on hold when he embarked on his spiritual journey as a missionary, travelling the globe and spreading the positive messages of the Gospel. In 2017, Joseph finally found the time and opportunity to restart his musical career and, utilising his decades of inspiration and dedication, released his debut single entitled ‘I Have A Dream’ in 2020. As Joseph and the Kohanim continues to craft his musical legacy with 2023 album ‘In Your Presence,’ his dedicated following are eagerly anticipating what this artist has planned next.

John P Kee, Mary Mary, Clark Sisters, Gyedu Blay Ambolley,
Ohemaa Mercy, Sarkodie

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