Sound Of Freedom Movie Review

Every parent’s worst nightmare come to life in this movie. 

The number one USA summer hit at the box office, Sound of Freedom has drawn controversy because of its subject matter but is worth going to see.

Sound of Freedom is a movie based on the true-life experience of Tim Ballad, a federal agent, who rescues a boy from sex trafficking and promises to bring home his sister, a child he’s never met. 

Filmed in 2018, it is distributed by the US faith-based film company Angel Studios. 

The film opens in Honduras, with Miguel (7), and Rocio (9) who are brother and sister and are persuaded by an entertainment agent Giselle, to go to an audition. Their father Roberto takes them to the audition but is not allowed to wait in the room with them but advised to come back at seven o’clock. When Roberto returns his children are gone, the building is empty and here his nightmare begins.

Tim Ballad played by Jim Caviezel, who starred as Jesus in The Passion of Christ, is in a tech van outside a house in USA with his team all armed, looking at a computer screen showing that someone in the house is downloading child porn. His worry is that once they break into the home, the paedophile will press the delete key, to remove the download and they will have no evidence and will be unable to make an arrest.

The federal agent burst into the house and floor the paedophile, an author whose name is Oshinsky. This is the beginning of the rescue operation of more than 100 children trafficked to Colombia.

The rights to the movie were originally owned by Disney who in 2019 acquired 20th Century Fox and the movie was lost in the mix like many assets when companies merge or are acquired.

Then comes along Covid in 2020 and the subject matter is considered too heavy during a time when people are experiencing extreme pain and loss. In 2021 there was a fight to purchase back the rights from Disney which were acquired by the Angel Studios in 2022.

The faith-based community in the US are known for supporting movies by crowdfunding and so Angel Studios crowdfunded for the marketing and advertising budget and raised $5 million and are now able to pay back their investors with a 20 per cent profit.

No doubt Angel studios and Alejandro will consider the four-year delays and setbacks all part of  Gods’ perfect plan and timing.

Award winning Director, Alejandro Monteverde who directed and co-wrote the script for Sound of Freedom, was initially writing a fictional story about awfulness of trafficking and was finding the subject difficult to research. He wanted to meet people who worked in the field and get expert opinions. His research led him Special Agent Tim Ballard. On speaking with Tim and hearing his story and experiences with child trafficking, Alejandro changed the direction of the film and asked Tim if he could a biopic on his life.

Trafficking is a hard subject to digest, both in reading and watching on screen. Tim makes it clear to paedophile Oshinsky, ‘that God’s children are not for sale’ and quotes the bible to him, just before he is arrested, saying, better a millstone be hung around your neck, and you be cast into the sea than that you should even hurt one of these little ones”.

Tim Ballard recommended Jim Caviezel for the role, although not quite whom the Director had in mind, as he wanted someone who fit the part aesthetically. Once Jim dyed his hair and got into the role, Alejandro realised that he had the actor.

Sound of freedom is a movie of hope and its lead character whilst emotional is stoic and his unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to rescue Rocio is past commendable.

Sound of freedom was released in UK cinemas on 1st September 2023.

Sound Of Freedom by Roney Henderson

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    Who is Tim Ballad? Your review is sloppier than the movie, and that is a high bar!


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