Five Ways You Can Share The Greatest Gift This Christmas

Christmas is our annual super-opportunity to get on with the great commission. People are obsessively giving and receiving gifts, but they’re missing the greatest gift of all. This is the moment to show them what that is and introduce people to Jesus.

1. Share the story of Festive Fred

You’ll love Festive Fred. At home in Wrexham with his mum, he thinks he’s living a permanent Christmas – because Christmas to him is mince pies and presents. What about the greatest gift of all? A trip back in time to Bethlehem will answer that for him. Order as many copies of the Festive Fred story booklet as you need for a nativity service (the bigger the order, the bigger the discount!) in Traditional ChineseSimplified ChineseEnglishRussianUkrainian or Welsh.

2. Become Festive Fred at your outreach!

Fred is the focus of this year’s pop-up nativity. Take your guest-filled congregation through his outrageous and ultimately Jesus-revealing story, sharing his journey from gift-obsessed child to grace-centred child of God. It’s energetic, it’s free, and you can absolutely get away without rehearsing. (You can also download a video of the author, Dai Woolridge, reading the story in his inimitable style.)

3. Sing the story to your youngest

For the smallest and most adorable people you want to reach, our all-new preschool booklet, It’s Nearly Time! A Christmas Rhyme, turns the nativity into a song. And when you’ve sung through the booklet enough times (after days and days), you can download free craft activities to make the story even more interactive. We’ve got one for you if that’s all you need, but if there’s a whole toddler group you want to bless, you can order dozens for a discounted price.

4. Break open the Family Advent Box

Festive Fred is one part of the project. The most comprehensive way of sharing the greatest gift in your family (or empowering others to do the same) is by building in joyful daily Bible reading. Inside the Family Advent Box you’ll find that and more, including Festive Fred! It’s everything you need for an interactive, memory-making, Scripture-rich family Advent.

5. Colour your cards and presents with Scripture

Obviously you’re giving out all sorts to friends and family. A card is a blessing (and so are socks and scarves) but Scripture is something more. Our resources include brightly illustrated cards with a Bible verse inside and outImagine one of those in a friend’s hands this Christmas. You’ll also find Bible stickers you can add to your beautifully wrapped gifts and hint at the greatest gift of all.

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