This Christmas, There’s No Going Back to Extreme Poverty

What does hope look like for you this Christmas? As Christians, we know that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and his light shining in the darkness, bringing us hope. But for millions of people like Isaac who are living in poverty, this hope has felt far away.

Isaac is a young father who lives in Koutoukouri, a village in Chad. Raising two young children meant he was unable to finish his studies, and so he struggled to earn enough to provide clothes and schooling for his children. An ever-changing climate made it difficult to grow crops. Sometimes Isaac felt so discouraged, he wondered if life was worth living.

‘Where is my worth if I don’t have the ability to cover my family’s basic needs?’ he said.

But when Tearfund provided Bible teaching at Isaac’s church, he learned that he doesn’t have to remain in poverty – his community already has the resources they need. He also learned new farming techniques so he could grow vegetables to feed his family and sell some of his harvest.

Thank you Lord! I find courage and the joy of living with the income earned from farming. I use it for food, school fees, buying medicine and other needs.’

Isaac learned new farming techniques so he can grow crops despite a changing climate.

Tearfund is a Christian charity that works in over 50 countries, partnering with local churches to empower communities like Isaac’s to lift themselves out of poverty.

This Christmas, Tearfund is inviting you to put your prayers into practice and donate towards life-changing training that can transform people’s lives. Your gift could empower more communities like Isaac’s to use the resources they already have so there’s no going back to extreme poverty.

Subheading: How does it work?

Tearfund provides innovative community training through local churches, where people learn skills and knowledge that help them become self-sufficient. In fact, 9 out of 10 communities who receive Tearfund’s training go on to improve or build vital facilities like water points, school and health clinics.

For Isaac, Tearfund’s training didn’t just impact his own family – it transformed his whole community. People in the village learned to work together and use the resources around them to bring lasting change. They planted trees to help fight against deforestation. And through learning more about the Bible, Isaac became an influential leader in the village and has led the way in the building of a new school.

Isaac, his wife and their two children outside their home.

So will you practise what you pray this Christmas?

Poverty stops people from living their God-given potential. But your donation could help someone like Isaac turn their life around and leave poverty behind for good. A little really does go a long way – just £34 could provide someone like Isaac with shovels, forks and watering cans to improve their farming methods.

Donate today to help more communities like Isaac’s learn the skills and knowledge they need to leave poverty behind for good.

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  • 28th November 2023 at 6:54 am

    In what ways has the ever-changing climate affected Isaac’s ability to provide for his family in Koutoukouri, Chad, and how has it impacted his overall well-being and outlook on life?


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