Spread Kindness: Sponsor a Christmas Hamper for Those in Need

The current cost of living crisis has placed an increased burden on many families and made it increasingly challenging for them to afford a traditional Christmas dinner this year.

In response, Christmas Lunch on Jesus (CLOJ), an initiative born in 2007 through the generosity of churches and individuals across the UK, provides free festive hampers, filled with all the essentials necessary to enjoy a Christmas meal, and distributes them to those who need it the most.

Over the years, CLOJ has brought local churches and para-church organisations together to create and distribute thousands of Christmas hampers. This year will be no different.

CLOJ is giving churches, charities and individuals an opportunity to sponsor a Christmas hamper for a family or person in need. The cost is just £30.

So, if you want to be a blessing to someone this Christmas visit www.christmaslunchonjesus.com and use the code MDCLOJ23 to discover how you can acquire hampers for your community.

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