Groundbreaking Art Exhibition Inspires Heartfelt Reflection

A recent art exhibition at Indra Studios, Hackney Wick, East London, featuring the work of Cornelius Brown, caused deep heartfelt reflections amongst visitors.

Entitled ‘Trauma in Black Bodies’, the exhibition featured original monochrome artworks created by Cornelius, aimed at helping Black communities overcome some of the horrors of their shared collective history of enslavement, colonialism and racism.

It was during an exhibition of his work in Paris, France, that Cornelius, a Christian, recognised the healing power of his art. He recalled, “The response of the African diaspora was a euphoria of emotional healing and affirmation for the Black community. Subconsciously, 99% of my images were expressions of processing my experience of racial trauma over the past 30 years.”

Visitors to the ‘Trauma in Black Bodies’ exhibition were moved by the paintings. One person wrote in the visitors’ book: ‘Some images touched my soul and brought to my memory long forgotten feelings and experiences…so good.’ Another stated: ‘Absolutely fantastic collection of artistry – deep, profound, engaging and very challenging.’

‘Trauma in Black Bodies’ has, in Cornelius’ mind, achieved one of its key goals, which was to “have a healing effect – especially for those individuals who’ve been impacted by racism and prejudice.”

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