Let it be Known: A Glorious Night at the StepFWD Awards

The third Annual StepFWD Awards unfolded on November 11 as a celestial celebration of UK Christian and gospel music. An unforgettable night of soul-stirring performances and well-deserved recognition began with the star-studded red carpet, flooded by almost 1,000 luminaries from music, media, charities and churches.

The Fairfield Halls venue, located in the heart of Croydon, London Borough of Culture 2023, was bathed in a warm glow, reminiscent of the radiant spirit that embodies the very essence of Kingdom music. It was evident this was not merely an awards ceremony but a transcendent experience, a communion of souls through harmonious praise. The StepFWD Awards also provided a platform for networking and collaboration.

Thanks to the partnership with Compassion UK, Praise House and TBN UK, the awards ceremony kicked off with talent galore, seamlessly blending the contemporary with the traditional, creating an inclusive space that mirrored the diversity within the Christian and gospel music genres. From soulful Asha Elia and Jonathan Ogden, to electrifying worship with Lou Fellingham and Emmanuel Smith, to the visually impactful Triple O followed by the inimitable Muyiwa… all were a testament to the versatility and boundless creativity of artists within the UK’s Christian music scene. And this was just the first half of the show!

The StepFWD Awards, true to its mission, acknowledged the artists and recognised the power of music to inspire, heal, and unite.

Winners included Philippa Hanna, who won the Female Artist of the Year, and CalledOut Music scored a hat-trick with Male Artist of the Year for the third year running. Two new awards were also announced, with Jimmy James winning Producer of the Year, and We Got Love Project taking home Album of the Year. Outstanding Contribution awards went to Tim Hughes and The Message Trust. Twelve Song of the Year winners, pulled from the monthly UK Christian Charts, curated by A Step FWD and covering 12 music genres, brought together a community bound by faith and the love of music with a palpable sense of unity that transcends differences.

In its third year, the StepFWD Awards has firmly established itself as a cornerstone in the celebration of Christian and gospel music in the UK, a beacon shining brightly in the cultural landscape. More than an event, it was a well-orchestrated ‘best of British’ offering, interwoven with threads of faith, talent, and unwavering dedication. Thanks to exclusive coverage by TBN UK, televised highlights of the StepFWD Awards will be available shortly for everyone to enjoy a taste of the rich tapestry of diversity evident in our homegrown Christian music community. 

As the night came to a close, with superb vocals from Niiella and Becca Folkes, topped off by phenomenal headliners London Community Gospel Choir, the echoes of the performances lingered in the hearts of all who attended – a melodic reminder that, in the tapestry of life, Christian and gospel music play a unique and powerful role, offering solace, inspiration, and a harmonious connection to the divine.

Visit www.astepfwd.com for the full list of winners. Watch the StepFWD Awards only on TBN UK. Download the app at: watch.tbn.uk

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