Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Karen Allen writes that believers should aim to be light in the darkness and dream that this will be their reality in 2024

Recently I embarked upon on a solo trip to Switzerland for 10 days. It was revolutionary. As a single mother of five, it is a very rare privilege to get time by myself, so as you can imagine, being alone for that length of time, away in a different country, was a game-changer. At face value I had no business being in Switzerland – no friends, no family, no connections whatsoever, just a feeling that I needed to be there. My preconception of what my experience would be turned out to be a misconception. Having recently lost my mum, my soul desired a safe place to ‘break down’, away from the noise and expectations of others. At least that’s what I thought.

Nothing could have prepared me for what God had prepared for me. The glorious mountains, the breathtaking lakes, the smells, the sounds, the views, the food, the silence… Oh, the silence! It was absolutely incredible, a dream come true, and the craziest thing was I didn’t even ‘dream’ about the magnitude of what I actually experienced. It was unplanned, unexpected and unimaginable. It was truly beyond my wildest dreams.

The encounter reminded me of a story in the Bible about a man named Joseph, who had a dream. At first it was a seemingly insignificant dream, a dream that completely offended and irritated his family. Then he had another dream, similar in essence but different in elements, this time, however, for some reason his father paid attention. Joseph was the second youngest of his 12 brothers, he was loved by his mother, favoured by his father and was gifted with a coat of many colours. Joseph was a dreamer.

I too am a dreamer.

At times when I consider some of the dreams that plague my imagination and those I dare to articulate or write down on paper, I think my dreams are crazy! Oftentimes I wrestle with the painful process of being in pursuit of my dreams because the dreamer’s road is one less travelled. Dreaming is not for cowards, let me tell you three reasons why: 

  1. Dreamers will face ridicule 
  2. Dreamers will face rejection 
  3. Dreamers will face reality 

We live in a time which the Bible describes as ‘gross darkness covering the earth’. With the increase in global wars, famines, earthquakes, violence, envy and hatred, the darkness is increasing. That’s the bad news.

The great news is, God always has a plan for dark times. He is not caught off guard. God’s plan is prepared and perfect for moments like these. His plan for global darkness is simple: switch on the lights!

God is the switch. Dreamers are the light!

God has entrusted dreamers with the necessary gifts and talents that will enable us to provide revolutionary solutions to global problems. We see this pattern throughout Scripture: whenever there was global darkness, God strategically positioned His ambassadors of light – Moses, Joseph, Deborah, Gideon, Esther, Daniel, Jesus!

They were the light in the moments of darkness, and we must be the light in our moment. In this moment.

I believe wholeheartedly that dreamers have the solutions to our current global problems and the antidotes that will inspire hope, increase faith and inject love. This is what the world needs now more than ever.

As we fast approach the beginning of another year, it is tempting to be discouraged and distracted by the chaos that surrounds us locally, nationally and globally. But we, the dreamers, must not yield to this temptation. We must, amidst chaos, be the calm; amidst crisis, be the peace. We must, amidst hopelessness, be the hope; amidst hatred, spread the love, and amidst darkness be the light.

Joseph was a dreamer who, at the end of the story, had the answer to a crisis which had local, national and global implications. It all started with a dream.

In this time, God is switching the light on and He is doing so in a way that is unplanned, unexpected and unimaginable, as He did for me in Switzerland. In my darkest moment, the sudden loss of my mum, God positioned me in a place and switched the light on FOR me and WITHIN me. He reminded me that my assignment as a dreamer is to switch the light on FOR and WITHIN others.

The dreams that God has for us are infinitely bigger than any dream we could ever have for ourselves. Despite the ridicule, the rejection and the reality of your current situation, DON’T FORGET TO DREAM! Because what God is preparing you for and what He has prepared for you is BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. Karen Allen is an author, speaker, preacher and founder of the Place of Dreams that delivers personal development and spiritual empowerment programmes.  Visit

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