Adenike Ojo winner of “Best Playwright” at 2023 BBTA

Adenike Ojo, a distinguished writer born and raised in Hackney, London has secured the prestigious title of Best Playwright at the 2023 Black British Theatre Awards for her outstanding debut play, “In Hiding.” The awards ceremony took place at the National Theatre.

Ojo’s studied screenwriting at the National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield. This educational experience and others have played a pivotal role in honing her storytelling skills, evident in the compelling narrative of “In Hiding.”

Deeply passionate about introducing new perspectives and sparking meaningful debate, Ojo’s commitment to this goal is reflected in her body of work. “In Hiding” turns a cultural lens onto autism, challenging stigmas within the African community and promoting understanding. The play’s impact extends beyond accolades, as it was also shortlisted for the 2022-2023 VAULT Five mentoring programme.

Ojo’s portfolio includes notable short plays such as “I just want to get to work” and “Soupcase,” performed at prestigious venues like Queen’s Theatre and Theatre 503. In 2022, extracts from her plays and poetry captivated audiences at Pleasance Theatre and Arcola Theatre as part of SLAMinutes.

Currently redrafting “In Hiding” and expanding its horizons, Ojo has ventured into the realm of television, showcasing her versatility and dedication to storytelling.

Adenike Ojo’s win at the Black British Theatre Awards is not just a recognition of her talent but also a celebration of her unwavering commitment to challenging norms and bringing fresh perspectives to the forefront.

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