Christian Charity CEO meets with Former PM Theresa May

The CEO of a Christian charity was invited to share about her work with former Prime Minister Theresa May recently. 

Becky Murray is the founder of One By One, a charity that works to support victims of human trafficking across the world with offices in Kenya, Pakistan and Uganda, as well as fundraising teams in UK, USA and Canada. 

Becky started the charity after a girl she bought flip flops for in Sierra Leone assumed she wanted sexual favours in return. 

More than a decade later, One By One has a turnover of more than £1m a year and this year Mrs Murray has represented the charity in the White House, 10 Downing Street as well as speaking in the Houses of Parliament. One By One has reached more than 40,000 people with its various programmes across the world. 

One By One recently gathered more than 100 church leaders in the Houses of Parliament for a reception to mark Anti Slavery Day.

Becky said Mrs May invited her to London after hearing about the charity’s work. 

She said:

We were privileged to spend time at Theresa May’s office and hear about her recently launched global commission on human trafficking and share with her about our work. The Global Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking aims to of drive international momentum towards eradicating forced labour, ending modern slavery and human trafficking – in line with UN goals. It’s a topic very close to Mrs May’s heart. 

She was very kind and interested in what we are doing. We hope to continue to work with her and politicians from all parties in the future. The fight for freedom is huge and we need every church and politician on board if we are to continue to see people reached, rescued and restored.

For more information about the work of One By One, visit 

Written by: Matthew Murray

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