The Preacher Stage Play Is Coming To The UK

The Preacher stage play, written by a Canadian professor is coming to the UK.  It will be staged at  the Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church, 300 Soho Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham on February 17 and the Broadway Theatre, Rushey Green Catford, London on  February 2024.  

The Preacher Stage Play played to sold out audiences when it premiered in Toronto Canada last October. Following it’s success, Director and Author-playwright Dr. Elaine Brown Spencer is taking her hit Gospel Play on an international tour with stops in the UK, Jamaica, The US, and Trinidad.

Inspired by Dr. Spencer’s new book The Black Church In Canada, the play deals with the aftermath of a post pandemic church.  

The story focuses on the fictitious Greater Love Church.

Pastor Johnson has been running his church his way—the way of his father and grandfather before him—for decades, with his beloved wife, First Lady Claretta, at his side. He’s not embracing new ways, although it seems he might not have a choice in the matter because the 2020 pandemic altered the way people experience church. Not to mention that the Pastor is getting older, his health is failing, and it may be time to pass the reins of church leadership. But who will he choose? 

Whomever Pastor Johnson chooses will come with his own dramas and consequences. Events will come to a head as dark secrets past and present are exposed. As the foundation cracks and everything Pastor Johnson has worked starts crumbling to the ground, can everything—and everyone—be saved?

This gospel play combines drama, laughter and gospel music for a joyous performance.  

The play addresses what we all know has gone on in the church, but we’re too afraid to talk about,” says Dr Elaine Brown Spencer.  “It’s dramatic, thought provoking and funny! A bit of humor makes difficult issues much easier to talk about.”

Dr. Elaine is a professor of Social Work and founder of “Mental Health Is The Church’s Business” a not-for- profit initiative launched by Dr. Spencer to promote mental health awareness and encourage the development of a comprehensive faith-based support system.

It was through Divine inspiration along with her background in counseling that ultimately led her to produce her 12th play and write a new stage play series of The Preacher, with Part 2 “The First Lady” scheduled to be released in late 2024.  

“After ten years of writing the book private pain in public pews,

there was much more themes to tackle in a stage play” says Spencer.

The Preacher will give you a lot to think AND laugh about. It’s real, honest, and heartfelt. Don’t miss your chance to experience the show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

Watch the trailer here:

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