Bishop Eric Brown Announces Retirement From Pastoral Ministry

One of Britain’s most respected Black Pentecostal church leaders, Bishop Eric Brown, along with his wife, Reverend Millicent Brown, recently announced their retirement from frontline pastoral leadership after 49 years of unbroken service.

Bishop Brown’s and Rev Millicent’s tenure as leaders of flagship New Testament Church of God (NTCG) congregation, Brixton Community Church (BCC), ends on March 31.

Serving the church and society

It was in 1973 that Eric Brown, as he was then known, and his wife, Millicent, embarked on a three-year training programme for ministry at the European Bible Seminary, Germany.

Bishop Brown received his first appointment to the pastorate in Hornsey, North London. Since then, Bishop and Reverend Brown have led six fellowships and served in high office.

He was National Youth Director of NTCG for eight years, and served as National Administrative Bishop of NTCG UK for an unprecedented 12 years. She was National Director of Women’s Ministries. Bishop Brown also served on the Church of God World Missions Board for 10 years, and as Church of God Superintendent for the UK, Ireland and Norway.

Alongside serving NTCG, Bishop Brown held roles in the wider church and society. He was the first Pentecostal President of Churches Together in England; was a commissioner at The Commission for Racial Equality; a member of the Parole Board; Co-founder and Chairman of Trustees of Citizens UK; and Co-founder of The Peace Alliance.

The Brixton Community Church (BCC) 

Bishop Brown began his pastorate at BCC in 2015, with a strong social as well as religious purpose. Through his expository preaching and teaching people were converted to the faith and the church grew. Significantly, many leaders have emerged whose gifts are now being deployed for the benefit of the Church and community. In addition, Bishop Brown has successfully prepared the young people as the next generation of trailblazers and leaders.

During his time at BCC, Bishop Brown led a number of initiatives which included a Memorial Service for deceased loved ones – and particularly for those who passed away during the COVID-19 period; a civic service and street party, celebrating Windrush 75; and a Special Family Service for all children dedicated at the Brixton Community Church over the years.

Bishop Brown also oversaw the refurbishment of the church. The Family Heritage Hall is a part of that legacy.

BBC Documentary and Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Under his watch, Bishop Brown granted the BBC unprecedented insight into the heart and soul of the church. The documentary, ‘Life and Death the Pentecostal Way’, was the result and was rated the second-best documentary the BBC produced in 2017. He also galvanised the community in 2022, with a street party celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

After an illustrious 49 years in ministry, Bishop Brown has hinted that, following his retirement, a book is on the horizon, where he will document his life story and ministry.

Commenting on his time serving the church and wider community, Bishop Brown stated:

Preaching the liberating Word of Jesus Christ, being a voice for the voiceless, standing up against injustices are what distinguishes true servants from hirelings. 

Throughout the years I have strived to be a servant, and by God’s grace have avoided the entrapment of power and status. 

Loving people, helping them to find and pursue their purpose in life, seeing them operating in their gifts, and making waves in their chosen fields are among the things which are my greatest thrill in life. 

I am forever grateful to Almighty God for His unfailing grace, and to my adorable wife and our children for their untiring support. Now by God’s grace I can give them my undivided attention.

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