Empowered by Faith: The Emergence of Christian Black Women in Entrepreneurship

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, a particularly inspiring trend is emerging: the rise of Christian Black women as business owners. You need only look on Instagram, in particular, and you will see an array of Black female entrepreneurs showing us how to increase our income, value our personal power, and accelerate our startup business. All these women have one thing in common: they are faith-filled!

But the story doesn’t end there. In amongst the faith sometimes sits fear, rejection and imposter syndrome.

Here, we explore this phenomenon through a lens that is confident, humorous, educated and deeply human.

Christian Black women are stepping into entrepreneurship, driven by a sense of divine calling. I know that I was pushed by God to deliver my first event in November 2023 in a bid to bridge the gap between corporations and diverse business owners. It was God-ordained, very much like the hundreds of women I see who have successfully married Business and Christianity. The businesses led by Christian Black women are not mere commercial ventures; they are missions infused with purpose and service. This purpose-driven approach is reshaping the very idea of entrepreneurship. By combining their deep faith with their entrepreneurial spirit, these women are creating ventures that serve and uplift their communities, echoing the Christian values of love, service and compassion.

However, the journey is not without its challenges. Access to capital remains a significant hurdle. There are more Black female entrepreneurs than ever before, yet accessing funding seems to be a struggle. A Goldman Sachs report in 2022 stated that Black-led female-run businesses were nearly three times more likely than their white business counterparts to report that access to financial capital and the cost of financial capital negatively impacted profits.

Another unique challenge is balancing faith with the demands of the business world. Navigating this tightrope involves not only strategic acumen, keeping up with the changes, advancements and trends, but also a deep commitment to maintaining integrity and ethical practices. Business behaviours can get shady at times when you are reaching for the spotlight. One has to make sure that their decision aligns with their Christian values, ensuring their work not only generates profit but they don’t lose their soul whilst doing it. As an HR professional, I encountered a pivotal moment, where choosing the ‘right path’ came with significant risks, including the likelihood of being alienated, potentially unpaid for my work, and possibly not rehired by the company that employed me. After several days of intense reflection and discussions with my family, I made the decision to prioritise integrity over income, knowing that I wouldn’t be hired by this company again and knowing that I would lose a friend. I relied on my faith to guide me through this challenging time, and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Despite these challenges, the power of their faith is a crucial factor in overcoming obstacles. Faith provides not just solace but also resilience. It’s a source of inner strength that turns setbacks into opportunities for growth. But we must proceed with caution. You must invest in your faith to be able to reap the blessings that come with it. For those women, who wear their Christianity as a badge of honour, parading the streets of social media, professing godliness yet living a different lifestyle, have chosen a dangerous path. What does the Bible say about double-mindedness? Yes, that part!

The solidarity and encouragement shared among women of faith is immeasurable and has been a cornerstone of camaraderie and friendship. This support spans various platforms and settings – from business-focused WhatsApp groups to faith-inspired dinners and conferences. The deep sense of connection and mutual support in helping each other succeed and grow has been invaluable. Powerful businesswomen – like Lola Tomorrow, former aide for Michelle Obama; Christian woman in business, Marjorie Esomowei, Founder of The Wise Women Awards; and Christian woman in business, multi-millionaire property investor, angel investor and CEO of Event of Champions®, Camilita Nuttall – and many others have helped shape the way and proven that you can be a Christian woman and still run a hugely successful business. The supportive environment they create acts as a catalyst, empowering other like-minded entrepreneurs to forge ahead with confidence.

Christian Black women entrepreneurs are redefining the business world. Their approach, rooted in faith and guided by a sense of higher purpose, is more than just a trend; it’s a revolution that’s reshaping the marketplace. Customers and clients are unashamed to say they work with Christian women or have joined membership groups because the founder was God-fearing.

We are being seen and heard. We’re not just running businesses; we are leading faith-led movements, showing that with belief, resilience and community support, it’s possible to overcome barriers and achieve success in business, entering the global arena and taking territories.

Michelle Raymond is an award-winning TEDx Speaker and Master NLP Practitioner, specialising in emerging leadership coaching. She founded The People’s Partner Ltd, aimed at enhancing the leadership pipelines and reducing organisational risk.

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