Joseph And The Kohanim Unveil Empowering Amapiano Single

Today marks a significant milestone in the musical journey of Joseph And The Kohanim as Dr. Joseph Opare humbly presents his latest single, “With Yehowah.” Infused with the vibrant beats of Afrobeat and the infectious rhythm of Amapiano, this track promises to captivate audiences with its uplifting message of resilience and faith.

Who is Yehowah?

Yehowah is an ancient Akan name for the almighty God. The Akan people can be found in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Togo. Many still use this name in song and prayer to mean the almighty God. Dr. Joseph believes that although Europeans have been saying that the name of the God of Israel is Jehovah or Yahweh, there are
theological, linguistic, and historical reasons why this would be the incorrect phonetic rendition of what some theologians call the tetragrammaton (YHWH). He believes that the Akan name Yehowah is more ancient and therefore more accurate since we don’t say Hallelu-“Jah” we say Hallelu- “Yah” which means celebrate “Yah.” The old gospel chorus “Kum Ba Yah,” sung by ancients brought from West Africa, has the meaning come by, or come closer Yah. Do your research, you don’t have to agree with his conclusions but do enjoy this song.

“In the face of life’s struggles, ‘With Yehowah’ is a testament to the strength that comes from knowing that God is with you every step of the way,” says Joseph, the lead vocalist and producer of the group. “The song celebrates overcoming challenges, and finding the courage to hold our heads high. Let’s be free from shame and doubt, we are supported by the divine presence of Yehowah.”

The chorus, delivered through the unique sound of a vocoder, echoes a powerful affirmation in pidgin English: “I go conquer and get stronger, with Yehowah I go hold my head high.” Translated into regular English it simply says, I will conquer and get stronger, with Yehowah, I will hold my head high. This catchy and inspirational refrain is sure to resonate with listeners of diverse backgrounds, as it blends modern musical elements with a timeless spiritual message.

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