Mothers to meet in Trafalgar Square to Pray for End to Youth Crime and Violence

This Saturday a group of Christian women, concerned about the rising incidents of knife crime and youth violence in London, will be meeting in Trafalgar Square on  March 2nd from 

10.30am – 1.30pm to pray for young people engaged in criminal activity and knife violence and calling for it to end.

The prayer event, called Mothers on the Street, is the brainchild of Pastor Sarah Oyedele. She was inspired to organise prayer events in 2017 and since then, along with her team, they have visited Town Halls, parks and key spots in various parts of London including Peckham, Leyton, Brixton and central London.

Pastor Oyedele has also given support to mothers who have experience the loss of children to knife crime. This includes Sharon Fearon, the mother of murdered victim Shaquan Fearon, who was stabbed to death near his home in Brockley, South East London in 2015.

Pastor Bola stated, “Mothers on the Streets was keen to be part of efforts to end knife crime, and felt that one of the ways that we could do so was by organising a prayer movement for women to take a stand for peace, protection, safety of children and young people on our streets.”

Written by: Marcia DIxon

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