Lifewords Launch of Little Brick of Little Books

Lifewords launches Little Brick of Little Books: ‘Gift a Brick’ to equip local ministries with Bible resources

Lifewords Little Brick of Little Books is now available following a ‘leap year’ launch on February 29th in central London. With standout, vibrant design, this boxed collection of Lifewords’ Little Bookresourcesprovides Christian ministries and workers with a creative way to engage people with the transformative messages of the Bible.

The Little Brick of Little Books comes pre-loaded with 48 little books – eight copies of the six titles in our popular range, Little Book of Help, Little Book of Faith, Little Book of Chaos, Little Book of Prayer, Little Book of Jesus,and the brand-new Little Book of JoyOnce used, the brick can be re-filled via Lifewords online store, where Bible resources are available for free or for a donation.

Elizabeth King, Lifewords Supporter Engagment Lead, said:

The Little Brick is a great way to equip ministries with Bible-centred resources that people will want to read, re-read and keep. Imagine a Little Brick being available in churches, schools, hospitals, prisons, sports academies, workplaces – anywhere that people gather and the story can be shared. As more and more Christians look for Bible resources that people can relate to, we can make 2024 a year of building bridges between Scriptures and people’s everyday experience.

In conjunction with the launch, Lifewords has set up a Gift a Brick scheme, inviting individuals and churches to gift a Little Brickfor distribution to vital ministries such as hospital chaplaincies, youth groups, homeless outreaches, prison chaplaincies, or community outreach initiatives. For just £25 donation per brick, supporters can nominate a ministry of their choice. Ministries and workers in need can also apply to receive a gifted Little Brick, and Lifewords will match them with a sponsor.

Marcia Dixon MBE, Editor of Keep the Faith magazine, who attended the Little Brick launch, said: “I love the idea of people being able to nominate other organisations and gift a brick to them for their work and ministry. This is a really great tool for people who are actively engaging in work in prisons, and with young people in many contexts.”

The Little Brick of Little Books is part of Lifewords ministry to provide creative ways into the Bible in print, in person and online. As a Christian charity, Lifewords are known for making Bible resources available at the point of need. This new initiative ensures that these invaluable resources are readily available to those who need them most.

Lifewords hosted the launch event at St John’s Waterloo, where Rever and Canon Giles Goddard is Vicar. He shared: 

I’m really looking forward to using the Little Brick of Little Books in the church and across the community. These resources enable and equip people to share the vital message of the Bible in today’s world. I’m so pleased that this excellent, vibrant, beautiful resource is available and that St John’s Waterloo could host the launch event.

To Gift a Brick, or to request or purchase a Little Brick of Little Books visit:

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