UK Church Leaders Urged to Encourage Members to Register To Vote

Rev Al Sharpton, American Baptist minister and civil rights activist, was the guest of honour at a special meeting at the House of Lords, hosted by Lord Simon Woolley and Rev Ade Omooba, Chair of the NCLF.

Leading church figures from Britain’s Black Christian community, including Bishop Claion Grandison, Pastor Clement Okusi, and Bishop Mike Royal, as well as key community figures, such as Lee Jasper, and David Weaver, leader of Operation Black Vote, were among those present.

The central aim of the meeting was to share with church leaders the importance of encouraging their members to register to vote, as the UK is set to have key elections in the next eight months. The London Mayoral Election is scheduled to take place in May, and a General Election must take place by January 28, 2025. It’s imperative that the Black community is registered to vote if they want to play their part in the democratic process.

If you are not registered to vote, visit to add your name to the Electoral Register.

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