Warehouse Worship – UK gospel’s New Kids on the Block

One of the most popular music genres in UK Gospel is worship. Whilst some may argue that worship is not a ‘genre’ but rather a lifestyle, hopefully we can all agree that it is a powerful ‘style’ of music. Nothing beats singing songs of adoration to the uncreated Creator.

The likes of Noel Robinson, Donna Akodu and Muyiwa Olarewaju, among others, have successfully paved the way for a new generation of talented and anointed worship artists in the UK.

BET Sunday Best’s Niiella, Areatha Anderson and Jacy Mai form part of the new breed of worship artists whose gifts have made room for them further afield.

However, the last year has seen Manchester-based Warehouse Worship take the gospel industry by storm, with their fresh contemporary spins on popular worship anthems. Selling out the 7,000-seater Copper Box Arena within weeks in October 2023 cemented the group’s status as the next ‘big thing’ in UK Gospel.

With a singular mission to create an atmosphere of worship so people can encounter Jesus in an unrestricted real and personal way, the group have built a recognisable brand that appeals to young and old alike. In addition to their arena Encounter nights across the country, 2024 will see the group take centre stage in front of a 35,000-strong crowd at the Big Church Festival, and support Dove Award-winner Sinach on her Ovo Arena Wembley headline concert.

Warehouse Worship founder, Victor Omosebi, recently took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Akosua DF.

AKOSUA DF (ADF): Warehouse Worship is the biggest thing in UK Gospel right now. You are selling out indoor arenas and pulling in thousands of people to your events. It does seem as though you’ve come out of nowhere! Some may even say you’re an ‘overnight success’, but I doubt that’s the case. How did the group come together and what was the vision?

Victor Omosebi (VO): The evolution of the group was very organic. I reached out to a couple of friends who love the Lord and love to worship. I shared the vision that the Lord had given me, and voilà, the rest is history, as they say. God has literally breathed upon our surrender, and it has culminated in soul-stirring Encounter nights across the country. The vision God gave was simple, almost amusingly so: “To create an atmosphere where My people can gather and worship both in spirit and truth.” We embraced this vision with humility, starting small, yet steadfastly consistent. And, in doing so, we witnessed the hand of God at work, expanding our reach and touching the hearts of ever-growing numbers of people.

ADF: That is indeed a very humble response [laughs]. You have a unique ministry model, whereby you don’t release guest artist names ahead of your events. Most event organisers leverage the popularity of their line-up to help sell tickets, but that’s not your strategy. So every single event you put on must be a huge step of faith. Have you ever been tempted to unveil your line-up to push ticket sales?

VO: We don’t put any names or faces on our flyers; this was a specific instruction from the Lord. Containing our excitement can often be a challenge, especially when we’ve secured a guest artist for an event. It’s tempting to plaster their image all over the flyers to draw a crowd yet, amidst our enthusiasm, we’re grounded by a higher directive – one that calls us to maintain our focus on God. This principle isn’t just a guideline; it’s woven into the fabric of our team culture. Our priority isn’t the artist; it’s about directing attention to Jesus. By God’s grace, we fill arenas or perform miracles, but it is only a by-product of our aim, which is for people to encounter Jesus. While the thrill of a successful event or a packed venue is undeniable, it’s all secondary to the ultimate goal. It’s a testament to our faith, but it’s not a journey we undertake alone. Our vision is aligned and, with God’s guidance, we press forward.

ADF: I love that – your focus is the audience of one: God. I pray that you continue to keep the main thing the main thing. You have been packing out indoor arenas over the last couple of years, pulling in thousands of worshippers. That’s a feat no UK artist/group has managed to do in a while. What do you believe is the secret of your success?

VO: God, obedience, and His people – these three elements have been the cornerstone of our journey. It began with God’s revelation of a vision, followed by our unwavering obedience. In return, we’ve been blessed not only with a vibrant community of worshippers but also with incredible individuals eager to join us in our mission to serve.

ADF: Your past events have featured Trinity Anderson, Ryan Ofei, Timothy Reddick and Todd Galberth. If you could have any artist at your next worship event, who would that be?

VO: Jesus? Just kidding! In all seriousness, while there are plenty of artists we admire and would love to host, we’re committed to seeking God’s guidance in our decisions. We aspire to welcome talent from all corners of the globe, whether it’s Minister Dunsin or Kirk Franklin. However, we trust we’ll reach that point where we are able host them, of course according to God’s perfect timing.

ADF: Oooh, amen to that! I can envision Kirk Franklin rocking with you all on stage. That would be surreal… I think he’d be blown away by your skill and gifting. I would also love to see you tour with Maverick City Music. I think you’d have to hire out the stadium for that… Never say never, though [chuckles]! So, what’s next for Warehouse Worship?

VO: In just two years, God has propelled us onto an extraordinary journey, spanning countries far and wide. We’re filled with excitement for what lies ahead. An album and EP are currently incubating and will soon hatch! Also, by God’s grace, we’re poised to extend our reach, igniting worship atmospheres from one corner of the globe to another. Who knows? Your country (Ghana) might be the next destination on our divine path.

ADF: Well, I guess our Keep The Faith family heard it here first! We look forward to your EP and album and hope to see you on the road soon.

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