Former Diplomats Lead Call to Replace ‘Elitist’ Department  

International development charity, Christian Aid, is calling for the return of the Department for International Development (DfID) following a report by former diplomats which warns the Foreign Office is elitist, “rooted in the past” and “struggling to deliver a clear mandate”. 

The report from UCL Policy Lab and Hertford College, Oxford, concludes the merger between the FCDO and the Department for International Development “struggled to deliver”. However, the Prime Minister’s Spokesperson has said the Prime Minister does not agree that the Foreign Office is “elitist”. 

Jennifer Larbie, Head of UK Advocacy and Campaigns at Christian Aid, said: 

We are living through a time when global poverty and hunger is on the rise. Yet all the evidence shows the decision to abolish the government department tasked with tackling these challenges has been a complete and utter disaster.  

The UK must recognise its historic and current responsibility for helping to end extreme poverty. That means restoring the Department for International Development and shifting resources and decision-making into the hands of communities most in need.

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