Is Your Church A Jesus Sharing Church?

Do you have a plan to share Jesus with your friends or is it just something that you leave to chance?

Jesus gave the Great Commission – Matthew 28:19 ‘go and make disciples of all the nations’

So why is it that 8 out of 10 Christians have not significantly shared their faith in the last 5 to 10 years?! The Isaiah 61 Movement (i61m) believe that ‘the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon us ALL to preach the good news’.

To become a Jesus sharing Christian and church we have to be intentional, making space, engaging with people outside of our Christian bubbles. We have to put plans in place to turn those good intentions into actions. Culture change doesn’t happen through a 6 week course, it’s a collective change of hearts and habits, modelled by leaders, and that takes time.

How amazing would it be if you could look back in a year and see that your church has grown and your friends have been touched by the grace of God? Is that a future you can see?

At i61m we can see that future with you and your church, a future where 100s and 1000’s of UK churches have a revived Jesus sharing culture with 1000’s of Christians confidently sharing Jesus in their friendships, many for the very first time. We inspire, equip and support churches with our act setting app that, with
accountability in small groups, turns our good intentions into actions. We have a proven roadmap for churches and
individuals to journey together to bring the hope of Jesus into their friends’ lives.

1 Peter 3:15 ‘But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.’

The good news: the vast majority of church leaders and Christians know they should and want to share Jesus more. We’re looking for trail blazers, early adopters – leaders and Christians who will pay the price, who will model and bring about a Holy Spirit inspired culture change – to become a Jesus sharing church and people.

Pastor Tom Bowring, Oakham Baptist Church said –

This is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want another 6 week course, I wanted a tool to help people make Jesus sharing doable, to make this our lifestyle because this is what we do. When I found the i61 movement I said ‘thank you Jesus, this will do it!

Angie Campbell The C3 Cambridge said –

We saw increased numbers at 3 recent events. Bringing i61m into our church has encouraged a confidence to invite friends and family.

Our mission is to see every Christian confidently sharing Jesus. We know it’s bold and audacious but God is with us so anything is possible. What about you? What about your church? What’s your vision for Jesus sharing?

Together, we embed sharing Jesus into your church culture. That’s our plan…will you join us?

Visit or install our unique i61m act setting app to take your good intentions and make them happen.


Dr John Kirkby CBE – bio and intro to i61m – April 2024

Together with his wife Lizzie, John founded Christians Against Poverty (CAP) in 1996. He had what can only be described as a miraculous and amazing 25 years of seeing Jesus use them and their wonderful team. Over that time CAP saw expontential growth to over 500 UK centres, helping 20,000 a year be released from poverty and seeing tens of thousands find faith. As CAP’s 25th anniversary approached John felt a definite sense to hand the baton on to the teams leading CAP in the UK and internationally and left with a sense of overwhelming joy at what he’d seen Jesus lead and grow and having played a small part in the story.

God showed John Isaiah 61 v 1-2 – ‘the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news’. He spent two years forensically looking at how Christians ‘share’ Jesus only to discover that, despite knowing they should and wanting to, an overwhelming proportion of Christians struggle to share their faith.

Despite Jesus’ Great Commission, huge barriers to faith sharing remain. Research by our partners Evangelical Alliance, alongside our own work, leads us to believe that the majority of Christians struggle to share their faith in a meaningful way. This was the start of i61m in March 2023.

The i61m mission is to see every Christian confidently share their life, faith and Jesus. This has to start with a change in the culture of our churches, it has to be modelled by leaders to encourage their communities to be brave, to intentionally share their faith with friends. Our church support team works with churches to
inspire and equip them to do just that. Using our free innovative app to set acts and, within Christian groups, to develop a sense of accountability and ultimately achieve those acts.

We journey with churches and Christians into a new place of comfort and confidence, to encourage them to stretch themselves in some of the areas they know they are commissioned to go.

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