What does it Mean to be Human? Chart-topping Podcast, Being Human, Returns for its Fifth Season

What does it mean to be human? Chart-topping podcast, Being Human, returns for its fifth season, continuing to explore a new apologetic for the 21st Century

Co-hosts Jo Frost and Peter Lynas, are back this springtime with a fifth season of the popular Being Human podcast. Packed with relevant cultural stories and biblical insights, Jo and Peter bring their trademark laid-back conversation coupled with razor-sharp commentary as they help shape a new apologetic for the 21st century. In this season Jo and Peter take listeners through the Being Human Lens – a new tool to help us recognise the cultural stories of today and help build confidence in how the God story enables us to live truly fully human lives. Each episode will cover a hot topic – from elections and nationalism to the refugee crisis and AI. All the while exploring how we can ensure that it’s God’s story that ultimately defines being human today.

“We are so excited to be back”, says Peter Lynas, People keep asking how to apply Being Human to the really challenging issues of the day, so that is what we are going to do in this season of the podcast. We are pulling back the curtain and showing people how the cultural stories are weaker than we think, and the God story is so much stronger.”

Jo Frost adds,

Whether you’re seeking fresh perspective for sharing faith in today’s world, want to understand the questions people are asking today or need encouragement in your own discipleship, Being Human offers something for all.

The podcast has been described as, “an absolute must for Christians trying to navigate life in the 21st Century” with content that is “helping frame the current issues facing society”.

This new season is released six months after the launch of Jo and Peter’s book Being Human: A new lens for our cultural conversations (Hodder, Oct 2023).

Season 5, episode 1 is available now on all major podcast platforms. Listeners can subscribe to be the first to receive new episodes released every Thursday. For more information about Being Human Season 5 and Being Human more widely, visit beinghumanlens.com

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