J.John Aims to Light an Olympic Flame

J.John, an evangelist who has preached the gospel around the world, has launched a new initiative with the aim of reaching one million people during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the Olympic triumph of Eric Liddell, and with both the 1924 and 2024 Olympic Games taking place in Paris, this really is a unique opportunity to retell Liddell’s story and in doing-so help many people in their own faith journey’s.

Eric Liddell was a Scottish runner whose story, famously retold in the classic movie Chariots of Fire, focuses on his uncompromising desire to honour God. Liddell believed that his response to what God had done for him included keeping Sunday free from sport, so when he heard that the heats for the 100m would be held on a Sunday, he refused to take part. It was a courageous decision, and despite enormous pressure, he refused to compromise his faith and instead prepared for the 400m race, a distance over which he was not expected to do well.

On the morning of the race, he was handed a slip of paper on which was written the Bible quote, ‘He that honours me, I will honour’. Encouraged, Liddell took the race at a sprint and won, breaking the Olympic and world records.

To help more people engage with Liddell’s story on this 100th anniversary year, J.John has produced a short booklet entitled ‘Running the Race of Your Life’ and is praying and planning for one million copies to be given away to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, to create curiosity and conversation during the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024. 

The short booklet explains Liddell’s story and asks the reader three poignant questions: 

What takes priority in our lives?

What controls how we live?

What price are we prepared to pay?

J.John writes: 

The fact that both the 1924 and 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games take place in Paris cannot be a coincidence. I have written this short booklet about the life of one of my Christian heroes, Eric Liddell, and we are hoping that this will enable many people to discover the same Jesus that Eric Liddell experienced all those years ago. Please will you join us, and seize this opportunity this year.

Bethany Firth OBE, 6x time Gold Medallist at the Paralympic Games, said the following:

My husband and I read Running the Race of Your Life and it was such an insight. I had heard of Eric Liddell, but I didn’t actually know his story. It has really made me remember the importance of putting God first and letting everything else follow. Eric Liddell didn’t let his sporting achievements define him, instead he allowed them to shine a light on how truly amazing God is, and no matter what we face in life putting God first is always the answer. I loved Running the Race of Your Life and with it being the 100th anniversary of Liddell’s victory in Paris, this is an amazing way to show what God has done and can do when we put him first.

Full details of this initiative and free samples of the booklet are available at raceofyourlife.co.uk. Costs have been kept as low as possible to enable churches and ministries to place bulk orders. Booklets are priced at 10p per copy plus postage and packing.  

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