Black Inclusion Week 2024: Launches at the House of Commons

LONDON, UK – Black Inclusion Week is set to inspire change from the 13th to the 17th of May 2024, launching with a significant event at the House of Commons. In its fourth year, the theme for 2024 is “Empowered for Change: Building a Better Future Together,” and focuses on the importance of collective effort and shared responsibility in shaping a world where everyone can thrive.

The opening event on the 13th May, in the House of Commons marks the commencement of a week-long journey dedicated to fostering inclusivity and driving positive change within our society. Speakers from Tesco Stores and Auto Trader will take part in discussions on organisational practices which drive inclusion, whilst author, David McQueen and Founder, Denise Myers will engage in panel discussions, focused on community building and overcoming barriers.

Generously sponsored by strategic partners including HSBC, Autotrader, Mahogany Inclusion Partners, WICKS, MoneySuperMarket and Inclusive Employers, Black Inclusion Week 2024 aims to set a precedent for inclusivity and empowerment across all sectors of society.

Throughout the week, speakers including Bernadette Thompson OBE, Kareen Griffiths founder of Calmify, Selina Flavius founder of Black Girl Finance, Emmanuel Asuquo founder of One Stop and many more inspirational executives from HSBC, Tesco, Lloyds, Burberry, NHS and Auto Trader will contribute to panel discussions and share insight on the importance of Black inclusion in their respective industries.

Christos Tsaprounis FCIPD, People and Culture Leader at Auto Trader comments: 

At Auto Trader, we’re committed to embedding inclusivity into every layer of our organisation, from diverse hiring to proactive retention strategies. Organisations play a critical role in adopting these practices, setting a standard for societal norms and ensuring that diversity is not just supported but championed. Black Inclusion Week is pivotal in that respect. It inspires all sectors to not only embrace but actively drive these essential changes.

Aggie Mutuma, CIPD and CEO of Mahogany Inclusion Partners comments: 

Black Inclusion Week is not just an event but a movement towards creating an inclusive future for everyone. This year, we’re focusing on how each of us can contribute to building a society that uplifts and supports the Black community. It’s about recognising our power to effect change and taking action together.

Event lineup 2024:

  • 13th May: Launch event at the House of Commons; discussions on organisational practices driving Black inclusion and empowering the Black community.
  • 14th May: Workshops on leveraging data for Black progression and inclusion, supporting Black businesses, and empowering Black women.
  • 15th May: Seminars on financial inclusion, effective allyship, and promoting Black health and wellbeing.
  • 16th May: Focused on empowering Black children, addressing anti-Black racism in the South Asian Community, and empowering Black men.
  • 17th May: Closing event centered on self-awareness and acceptance.

Black Inclusion Week underscores the potential to foster positive change collectively, particularly when united in our efforts. It is a call to action for individuals and organisations alike to play their part in creating a more inclusive and supportive future for the Black community.

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