UK Christian Charities Merge To Better Support Children & Families Amid Social Care Crisis

UK Christian charities Safe Families and Home for Good have announced they will merge to help deliver enhanced services to children and families through a new, combined structure.

Together the charities work to prevent children and young people entering the care system through practical and emotional support for families and then sadly, when they do, ensuring there are enough safe and nurturing homes available through fostering, adoption, and caring for teenagers through supported lodgings.

The announcement comes amid a crisis within children’s social care with over 100,000 children currently in care across the UK and over 38,000 entering the care system for the first time every year – 1 in 4 of whom are 16 years old or older. This figure has increased by 30% since austerity was introduced in 2010 due to reduced local authority budgets, decreased support services, and increased pressure on families. Thousands more foster carers are urgently needed to meet the needs of this rising number of children and young people entering the care system. 

Kat Osborn, CEO of Safe Families, said:

Our two charities share core values and the ambition to better support the growing numbers of children, young people, and families in need around the UK. The merger builds on years of collaboration between the organisations and will enable us to see more churches equipped, more volunteers empowered and trained, more local authorities served, more families supported, less children entering care and for those that do, well-matched homes found.

Tarn Bright, CEO at Home for Good, commented:

This merger looks to the future, dedicated to serving children, families, foster carers, adopters, and supported lodgings hosts. Joining our resources will have more impact than the individual sum of our parts, enabling us to work toward every child having a stable and nurturing home and where no-one feels alone.

With over 20 years of experience between the charities working with families, children, young people, and the wider communities they live in through the Church, Safe Families and Home for Good expect the merger process to take around four months. The co-branded and co-led organisation will retain the two strong and respected brand identities and is set to begin operating in September 2024.

Kat continued:

We believe that this is the next stage in God’s plan for our justice-led mandates and mission, to see the Church at the very heart of changing the way children and families are holistically cared for across the UK, and opening a door for us to support more children and families.

Tarn shared:

The merger will help prevent more children going into care to alleviate the care crisis, as well as finding family-based homes from across the Church for those already in the care system. The unity this forges will enable us to have one voice to Government, one voice to Local Authorities and one voice to the Church. The opportunity and privilege of that is not lost on us.

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