KTF Starts Filming Documentary About Women in Ministry

In a move designed to expand into other forms of media to share stories about the Black Christian community, Keep The Faith has started work on a documentary about women in ministry.

It will shine a spotlight on the work, faith and ministry of five Christian women: Bishop Rosemarie Mallett, Pastor Marjorie Esomowei, Pastor Yvonne Brooks, Tanya Hughes, and Pastor Rhona Tackie. Award-winning filmmaker Laurelle Jones is the director. The documentary should be completed by the autumn.

Keep The Faith publisher Marcia Dixon said:

I am excited about starting this journey to share stories about the Black Christian community through documentaries. They will seek to be informative, entertaining, and serve as a legacy piece for future generations to learn about the lives about Black people of faith.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to raise funds to help finance this new initiative.

Visit https://bit.ly/GFWIMDoc to make a donation.

There are also opportunities for individuals, organisations or businesses to sponsor this initiative. Sponsorship proposals are available on request. Email finance@keepthefaith.co.uk

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