UK Businesswoman Appointed As Global Lead by US Business Hub

Claudine Reid MBE, one of the most well-known businesswomen within Britain’s Black Christian community, has been appointed Global Opportunities UK leader for the Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce.

Atlanta is home to some of Black America’s leading Black entrepreneurs, including billionaire Tyler Perry. Claudine’s role will entail building connections between Black entrepreneurs in the UK and Atlanta.

An award-winning businesswoman, Claudine is Managing Director of PJs Community services, and Chair of Lloyds Bank Business Advisory group. She is delighted with this new appointment. She told Keep The Faith

It’s a really exciting appointment, not only for what it means for Atlanta, connecting with entrepreneurs across the UK, but also the opportunities it presents for Black entrepreneurs in the UK.

My work will entail identifying and perusing new opportunities for trade partnerships within the UK from the Atlanta side. I will also be responsible for implementing strategies to build relationships with key stakeholders and helping Black entrepreneurs to leverage those types of opportunities in Atlanta.


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